Majorlilkween Makes Us Feel the Sting of 'Karma'

What goes around, Comes around

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Hailing from Tallinn, Estonia, Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov has been in fierce pursuit of her creative dreams since she moved to New York at age 16 to work as a model. A year later, her stunning looks and poise landed her over 80 fashion shows and the title of "Victoria Beckham's Muse". Shortly after this ordeal, and not content with just dominating the world of fashion via the runways, Alexandra created the Pop Diva persona Majorlilkween to give her an outlet for all of her talent and creativity not limited to fashion and modeling.

"Ever since I came to New York as a 13-year-old girl, I knew this was the city for me. I told everyone in Estonia I was going to live here & they all thought I was just a naive little girl, but my dad and I had long conversations about all of my wildest dreams: modeling, being a performer, making music & videos, living in the city etc…He made me feel like it was possible and after he passed I worked extremely hard to find my footing in the modeling industry and soon enough I was able to move to New York full time. "

The thing nobody tells you about following your wild dreams, is that reality and the past don't stop hurting, and Alexandra's pain turned into a fire that both kept her motivated and tempered her character into the badass chica that is now Majorlilkween

While she readies for her upcoming EP, 'kween has released a brand new single with an awesome music video to boot. "Karma" is the name and it is an honest-to-God pop-punk anthem like those of its early 2000s heyday. Filled with spunky riffs, the vigorous and upbeat track is about finding the inner strength to move away from past toxic relationships and becoming your own person.

The music video draws heavy inspiration from the beloved 90s Spooktacular Halloween film "Hocus Pocus". With a direct hand in its creation and look, Majorlilkween stylized the visuals by drawing inspiration from Quentin Tarantino and the many early 2000s pop videos that no doubt were a huge part of her formation into the powerhouse pop star she's shaping up to be nowadays.

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