Livepeer Sessions x Flaunt | Great Good Fine Ok Performs

A night that reminded many of live music's ability to transcend time and space while building community

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Shei Marcelline

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Livepeer Sessions x FLAUNT Magazine hosted an event at West Hollywood’s intimate, yet lively, Peppermint Club.

The venue’s memorable name perfectly embodied the atmosphere of the event— refreshing in every sense of the word. Guests were engaged in conversation over delectable cocktails, dramatic lighting instilled undertones of enthrallment, and most notably duo Great Good Fine Ok gave a stage-commanding performance that had attendees swaying in unison.        

Photographed by Zach Whitford/BFA
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The Wednesday night event reminded many that live music surpasses the limitations of earphones. Live music is an experience that highlights artists accompanied by the beauty of space and time—a concept that Livepeer Sessions aims to provide.

As an in-person and web3 livestream concert series, Livepeer Sessions celebrates musicians by utilizing decentralized video technology. This direction towards the future of video and web creates a space where listeners can experience the distinctiveness of time and space with accessibility and ease. Notable event guests include Logan Shroyer, Daniel Fletcher (creative director at Fiorucci), and Tefi.

Overall, the night reminded us that music and community are synonymous. The post-lockdown world appears promising for live music lovers. Livepeer Sessions delivers on this promise by providing the perfect happy medium where audiences can be immersed in live music in-person or virtually.

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