La Femme | Expressive and Colorful Album 'Teatro Lucido'

Dancing under the Spanish sun

Written by

Tiana Molony

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Courtesy of La Femme

From running on the streets of Granada Spain, nonchalantly dancing in a secluded club, and sunbathing by the pool, La Femme’s new single and music video "No Pasa Nada" is the epitome of cool. Rarely do we see a unique showstopping group like La Femme that garners the ability to combine unconventional sounds that just work. Established in 2010, the French  band notes their signature sound as “psych-punk rock”. Their new entirely spanish album Teatro Lucido debuts this Friday November 4th. Teatro Lucido includes 13 unforgettable tracks with already released music videos for the tracks "Sacatela," "Y tu te vas," and "No Pasa Nada." 

"No Pasa Nada," sung by Iman Amar from Adios Amores, transpired when La Femme band member Sacha Got resided in Spain. Touching primarily on Brazilian rhythms from the 1960’s and 70’s the track is unapologetically groovy. The "No Pasa Nada" music video directed by the band, transports the viewer into a nostalgic memory. On their inspiration for the setting and direction for the music video, band member Sasha shares, That kind of night where you drink to forget, and you end up forgetting what you drank... or you just don't want to remember. And when you wake you're like ‘No problem, nothing happened!’" Throughout the video, each band member travels through different phases of the night as drunk runaways, singers, and dancers exploring the bounds of their mentality.  

"Y tu te vas," shot in Nice, France takes a more serious path, as band members are gathered around a dimly lit campfire, playing guitar, walking in fields of horses, and surrounded by dark pastel colors reflecting through fog. La Femme establishes the meaning of the track as unacknowledged desires and dreams. The other already released video ‘Sacatela,’ takes a different approach as band members are dancing, sunbathing, and enjoying themselves intertwined in perfectly bright and colorful tones. The track exudes good vibes from day to night—it’s hard to look away. "Teatro Lucido" explores the complexities of emotional highs and lows. Reminding the listener that life’s high notes are also accompanied by lows. Stream Teatro Lucido this Friday.

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