Kasbo | Taking Over Hangout Music Festival

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Second guessing staying up all night for my flight to the U.S.

Last month, Swedish electronic musician Kasbo took a trip to the sun-drenched beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama to perform at Hangout Music Festival as part of a highly anticipated, star-studded lineup of performers– including the likes of Lana Del Ray, The Chainsmokers, Dom Dolla, and more. Also on the lineup was the high-profile electronic duo ODESZA, who recently signed Kasbo’s eagerly awaited album, The Learning Of Urgency, to their label Foreign Family Collective.

Kasbo’s new project will debut on June 7th. This album represents a four-year journey of Kasbo’s introspective self-exploration, channeling the art of slowing down to savor the taste of precious moments in time amid our tireless society. Defying the glorified mentality of working without an end in sight, Kasbo advocates for mental clarity and prioritizes personal well-being through his ethereal sounds and cinematic compositions.

Kasbo gives FLAUNT an exclusive look into his behind-the-scenes experience at Hangout Festival, documenting his arrival, memorable backstage moments during Sexyy Red’s set, and more. Take a look through Kasbo’s lens as he captures the chronicles of his trip in the photo diary below.

Dying on the inside.
Got to enjoy this beautiful view though.
After about 16 hours of travel, I finally arrived in the States. First stop is the hotel and a massive Taco Bell order.
At the hotel finally, enjoying the glamorous life of a DJ. Here’s my beautiful hotel room view. Getting some sleep– have some recording tomorrow and another flight to Alabama where I’m playing hangout festival.
American planes are a tad smaller than I’m used to.
Another beautiful view. Love making music with this kind of view.
Arrived in Gulf Shores, suchhhh a beautiful place.
Fire alarm went off in the hotel at 6 am because there was a storm and lightning struck the hotel. Stuck in the lobby for a good 45 minutes. Sleep is for the weak.
Show dayyyy, excited, nervous, sweating.
Apparently Sexyy Red performed the stage I was on?? Crazy show!
Me walking on stage, first show in about a month.
Despite the heat, sooo many people showed up and danced with me. Drenched in sweat by the end of it!
Post-show excitement!
Also enjoyed the extremely overtop fireworks show when the festival ended.
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