How do you love?

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Tiana Malony

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Photographed by Earl Eos

Jake Goble (Jakke), is an alternative rock artist quickly making a name for himself. In 2018, Goble’s genesis Indie-pop rock project Enjune earned him recognition as an artist. Goble spent time tapping into his inner self and worked to establish himself as an artist with a unique sound—now, easily recognizable. Goble, under the alias Jakke, meshes rock and alternative creating a contemporary meaning for the genre.

Jakke’s new EP How Do You Love released on August 26th, 2022 consists of five tracks, “Waves,” “Sugar Tide,” “Release,” “Burn Me Up,” and, “Father World (Mama Earth).” Jakke shares, “The songs are a representation of significant growth on my part as a man, lover, and a spiritual being. I hope they allow others to feel sexy, vivacious and to escape into their own world of limitless potential.” How Do You Love follows a euphoric melody with a steady cadence that inflicts a sense of release. You feel immersed in the music—relieved.

Photographed by Claire Lejejune

Jake relays the importance of releasing his work when he believed the chaos of the world was more under control. Jake shares, “It was important for me to be able to release these tracks when I felt like the world was in a more normal place where people could enjoy and express themselves.” Jakke’s transformational journey as an artist is reflected through this EP, as you’re taken on a passage of self-reflection and revision. The artist shared how the idea of love and how we express it plays a key part in the EP. Love reveals itself in many ways, and Jakke aims for listeners to reexamine how they love.


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