Flowerovlove | Indulge in "Coffeeshop"

Her newest single is everything but bitter

Written by

Cerys Davies

Photographed by

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Photographed by Finn Waring

Cheerleading uniforms, glistening mock up braces, and glittery love notes come together to shape Flowerovlove’s vision behind her newest single “Coffeeshop.” The single as well as the video revisit the feelings of having a high school crush with emotive lyrics and a feel good beat. The British singer songwriter continues to make waves with her innovative sense of self and undeniable rhythms.

“Coffeeshop” is a carefully crafted blend of both catchy yet thoughtful lyrics over melodies that naturally lean into a groove. The single celebrates the infamous quest for young love in a way that fully encapsulates the feeling of being a teenager. As a teenager herself, the 18 year old has seen success with her debut EP “Think Flowers” and proceeds to bring a sense of playfulness to her music as well as her style. From walking in Paris Fashion Week to gaining over 15M streams on Spotify, she is making a name for herself through more than just music. 

With a love for flowers, hence her name, she takes a lot of inspiration from the natural world. As an artist, she utilizes a flower as a symbol to draw in her audience and help them appreciate the world around them. Embracing self-love, growth, and sustainability, Flowerovlove is the kind of well-rounded artist Gen-Z craves. Her young and impassioned perspective serves as an inspiration to each of her listeners. Following the release of "Coffeeshop", Flowerovlove is currently playing at music festivals all over Europe.

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