FLAUNT Premiere | Pomme

Finding Harmony In Melancholy with her Short Film and Album, Saisons

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In the quiet, sullen patter of all that is and will be, music has a tendency of finding its way in our midst. It moves silently, poised, cultivating understanding and imbuing a passion in both its listener and creator that can be defined as a peaceful escape. For some, music is unreflective, a matter of looking outwards rather than in. However, for others, it is emotional and introspective in its means of capturing warmth and excitement–a sensation Claire Pomme understands all too well. A singer, songwriter, and connoisseur of approaching melodies and lyrics with a fine cathartic spirit, much of who she is and what she creates leans into the personal and appreciates the comfort of intimacy. 

As a writer, she is passionate, and as a singer she is unbound. Ahead of her new album, Saison, out March 22nd, Pomme has released a short film, the music for which was written with Aaron Dessner. As Pomme explain's “I drew on my own experience of the natural cycles of a year to create this album, which resembles a free musical and vocal interpretation of the seasons. It's a very special album, built like a modern opera, in 4 movements like so many seasons.”Pomme delves deep into the warmth of melancholy and welcomes the coming of a new season with strung out notes that embellish the atmosphere at hand. It is electric, melodious, a rhythm untouched and delicate in its unfolding. 

“I wanted to get away from my usual paths and compose in a different way, to discover new ways of creating music and approaching the making of an album. Having been immersed in classical music from an early age, thanks to a musical theory course in Caluire in my hometown, as well as cello and choir lessons for 10 years, I wanted to create a bridge between these distant memories of a past life and the person I am today, while paying homage to nature,” Pomme shares. 

With this upcoming album, she imagines a discography that resonates with the rebirth of love and the timely return of life. A deep folk ballad with 12 tracks that echo each month of the year, Saison illustrates what true artistic vision can create when composed and produced with collaboration at hand.

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