Blood From a Turnip

by flaunt


Blood From a Turnip

We Went out and Tasted the Freshest Cold Pressed Juices Los Angeles Has to Offer

BRAND: Clover

NAME: Go Big

IMPRESSIONS: My childhood lemonade stand where my subjugation to the capitalist dream began in earnest. Enters the palate like the sweat of a new lover in the corner of a bar.

BRAND: Clover Juice

NAME: The Quench

IMPRESSIONS: Summer’s watermelon eaten in the bath; with the faint tang of a Tuesday morning hangover.

BRAND: Clover

NAME: The Clover

IMPRESSIONS: Fresh cut grass wafting over the dregs of Sunday morning’s Bloody Mary.

BRAND: Clover

NAME: Gold n’ Greens

IMPRESSIONS: A pineapple dropped in the dirt that is looking up at the stars.