Stefanie Scott

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“She has a youthful creative energy that is infectious no matter what room or situation you’re in. She’s hilarious, doesn’t care what people think and on top of that has a voice of an angel.” – Director Jon Chu, Jem and the Holograms

The timing is spot on for child actress-turned-debutante Stefanie Scott.[27] The 2009 California Discovery Girl has earned consistent roles since 2008, often playing the younger version of central characters. She opened her Hollywood career with a cameo on NBC spy dramedy Chuck (2008), playing CIA Agent Sarah Walker at age 12. Then Scott played the “innocent” underage version of Natalie Portman’s Emma in No Strings Attached (2011), the Ashton Kutcher-helmed rom-com. Next, the radiant up-and-comer will star in Jon Chu’s Jem and the Holograms, playing lead songsmith Kimber in the live-action version of the highly admired ’80s animated series. Featuring Molly Ringwald as Starlight House caretaker Mrs. Bailey and Juliette Lewis as Erica Raymond, Jem and her younger sisters overcome every stop in the book as they launch their music career. This Fall, when Scott impresses theatergoers and Internetizens alike it could be the start of longstanding Hollywood tenure for the 18-year-old star.

27 Born 6 December 1996[a]

27.a “John Birt [BBC’s director general] said Parliament faced a decision which could shape the fate of British television for the next ten years.”[i][ *]

27.i From: “Birt In last-ditch plea to MPs on Murdoch’s control of digital TV”

by Andrew Culf | Guardian | 6 December 1996

 * By Autumn 1996, BSkyB planned to launch up to 200 satellite channels so BBC appealed to Parliament, fearing they wouldn’t be able to negotiate fair prices with the Rupert Murdoch owned company. In 2014, after BSkyB acquired Sky Italia and a majority interest in Sky Deutschland, its holding company British Sky Broadcasting Group plc would change its name to Sky plc; its year over year revenue rose 5% to £8.45 billion, but they did not disclose profits.

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