JR I The Chronicles of New York City

by Natalie Lucas

New York’s third-largest museum, The Brooklyn Museum, welcomes a collection from the internationally recognized artist JR. The combination of his most iconic projects are going to make up the largest solo museum exhibition of his career. In addition to his previous projects, his Brooklyn Museum exhibition will mark the debut of a monumental new mural, The Chronicles of New York City.

JR started his career as a graffiti artist and now uses his work to address both difficult and timely issues; from gun control and immigration to women’s rights, JR’s work is not just beautiful but important. Projects such as Face 2 Face (2007), featuring giant portrait diptychs of Israelis and Palestinians in pairs pasted on either side of the separation wall, will be included in JR’s Brooklyn Museum exhibition. Other projects such as Women Are Heroes (2008-9), honoring women’s contributions to public life, and Face Places, a film portraying worker solidarity through two traveling artists, will highlight the diversity of social issues covered across JR’s immense assortment of work. 

His newest work, The Chronicles of New York, includes the portraits and stories of over one-thousand-two-hundred New Yorkers; some of whom he met on the streets; some are friends and collaborators; some are famous. All are set to make The Chronicles of New York as iconic as his previous works.

JR, The Chronicales of New York City opens October 4 at the Brooklyn Museum 200 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11238