Federico Galavis | A Journey Towards Freedom

by Jake Carver

Venezuelan artist Federico GalavisA Journey Towards Freedom - A Night for Venezuela, A Night for All is a socio-political exhibition in solidarity with the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis and in protest of Venezuela’s current regime. Galavis’ paintings incorporate cubism, modernism, surrealism, and fauvism to speak to the complexities of the human condition and the empowerment of women. At the opening reception on Thursday, May 30th, Galavis will also begin a three day hunger strike in solitary confinement at the gallery.

There are three series of artwork on display. The first includes The Extermination of the Venezuelan People- 17 Years of Controlled Regime, Humanity, and Oro y Plata and The Extermination of the Venezuelan People- 17 Years of Controlled Regime. The display totals nine paintings and features Gabriela Montero’s symphonic poem “Expatria”. The second, entitled Humanity, contrasts Venezuelan isolation with the interconnectedness of humanity as a whole. Finally, Oro y Plata (Gold and Silver) depict the power and wealth of precious metals through the female form.

Part of the exhibition’s proceeds will go to UNICEF Venezuela and Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award winner Foro Penal. Foro Penal is a prominent human rights organization that provides pro bono legal assistance to Venezuelans who are arbitrarily detained, assaulted, tortured, killed, and otherwise harmed during protests.

Federico Galavis' A Journey Towards Freedom: A Night For Venezuela, A Night For All goes until June 15 at Show Gallery 1515 N. Gardner Street Los Angeles.

Photographed by: BJ Panda Bear