Diesel & Flaunt Celebrate Diesel Hate Couture and The Double Standards Issue

by BJ Panda Bear

Last night freaks, sluts, and dicks of every stripe huddled around a nondescript Las Palmas haunt (where the Houston Brothers happen to be cooking up their latest extravagant den of deviance) for a soiree to celebrate Diesel Hate Couture and Flaunt's The Double Standards Issue. Hosted by TJ, Sebastien White and Dinah Rankin, who appeared in The Double Standards Issue editorial “Revenge of the Nerds, Sluts, Freaks, & Fairies” featuring Diesel Hate Couture, the sightly lineup also included AllieX, Odessa Adlon, Rydel Lynch, Shaun Ross and Jaime Xie. 

Once inside, guests had two options: head to the bar, where DJs Vivien James and Will Calcutt, aka Weans Machine, were kicking out the jams, or proceed to the get their photo snapped, picture-day style, referencing the conceit of the aforementioned editorial. The photos were then printed on a Diesel t-shirt and stamped with epithets from the Hate Couture campaign, either self-applied in triumphant reclamation in line with the campaign's motto ("The more hate you wear, the less you care") or justly assigned--Slut, Hater, Loser, Dick, and Homo proved particularly popular.

Those same photos were also printed on posters and collaged on a wall, and once the lights flashed on, guests saw their mugs again plastered with the aforementioned epithets. Thankfully, the El Silencio mezcal we were sipping on all night is as clean at it is delicious, and we weren't much the worse for wear this morning.