Their Predecessors Were Woodcraft Indians

by flaunt

Re-Interpretation of Norman Rockwell's Boy Scouts
America birthed a lofty course for the world to follow in its conception; but when his bastard progeny arrived at the doorstep for milk and honey, the father of democracy lawyered-up and ignored the knocking, then blew the child support on cards. His promise fell hollow and quixotic, expressions of freedom and liberty reserved for war machines and the body politic when they’re at a loss for words otherwise.

Turns out the melting pot’s a centrifuge, spinning individual histories, identities, and interpretations of life in these United States. Even Norman Rockwell, a Boy Scouts of America’s magazine illustrator and referee of rosy Americana, was an ironist, supremacist, or a visionary depending on who’s writing the report.

Good Intentions: Re­-Imagining Rockwell’s Boy Scouts (on view at Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles), leaves the entanglement to a roster of artists— including past Flaunt contributors Eric Beltz, Vanessa Prager, Frohawk Two Feathers, and Tofer Chin—to reconcile. The exhibit, a revision of classic Boy Scout imagery, is Rockwellianism after the storm.