Future Perfect Founder David Alhadeff Transforms Homes into Experiential Spaces

by Flaunt Editorial Staff

David Alhadeff | image by   Lauren Coleman

David Alhadeff | image by Lauren Coleman

Along with a winding driveway, floor-to-ceiling windows, a rolling green lawn, and a striking view of the urban landscape, the Trousdale Estate in Beverly Hills acts as a historic idyll of Los Angeles—perfect for Future Perfect founder David Alhadeff’s second installment of Casa Perfect. Previously the home of Rock & Roll’s beloved Elvis Presley, who resided in the estate for six years during the height of his career, this iconic enclave lies upon the foundation of the city’s rich cultural history and notes of the California dream.

After falling in love with the aspirational energy of L.A., Alhadeff placed the first installment of Casa Perfect in a 1957 mid-century modern home designed by David Hyun. Now at the Trousdale Estate, Alhadeff mentions that when he first approached the property, it spoke to him almost instantaneously.


After experiencing a strong intuition, he immediately knew that it was the perfect location for the next Casa Perfect—a love letter to the multi-dimensional hybrids that the city offers. As a storefront, gallery, and also a residential home, Casa Perfect is a one-of-a-kind amalgam of innovation. “We put our gallery destination inside a piece of residential architecture,” Alhadeff says, “because that’s the best part about L.A. It’s this beautiful mix of urbanity with suburban living.”

While Casa Perfect offers splendor in the form of its lush landscape and contemporary design, embedded in its doorframes is the architectural and celebrity history of the city. Alhadeff explains, “When you take possession of a home that was once the residence of an icon, it has a particular cultural cache to it that is globally appealing, but more specifically appealing in L.A., where the commerce of celebrity is the business of the town. For us, the project is ostensibly more about finding incredible homes with incredible history in the macro sense.”


In this instance, walking through Casa Perfect allows guests to fully and personally embrace the electricity of the home’s previous occupants. Instead of creating a show house or a simple gallery, the idea of the Casa is to strategically create vignettes within the residential space. By doing so, these evocative portraits allow for guests to stitch themselves into the seams of Alhadeff’s design.

Whether by Future Perfect’s presence in the house or by the breathtaking views, Alhadeff hopes that guests leave inspired in some way or another. Flaunt's shot two recent cover stories there--Hari Nef for the New Fantasy Issue and Andrew Garfield for the Reflections Issue.


Although you cannot access the estate’s value through the screen of a smartphone, the concerted effort it takes to intimately experience the three dimensions of Alhadeff’s creation is well worth it. While Casa Perfect intends to move from the Trousdale Estate, the concept is about being nomadic in order to bring people through a cultural journey via the iconic homes in Los Angeles.

Written by Elizabeth Hsieh
Interior and Exterior photography by Pia Riverola