Virabhadrasana II / Defining the Drishti for another 25 years with Dean and Dan of Dsquared2

![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1603830404091-AV32U8AGU4OL6VM3UAHH/172_FLAUNT_MAGAZINE_CHAOS_AND_CALM_FLAUNT.COM_WEB_D2.jpg) How the fuck did that happen!? 25 years of high-fashion shenanigans from a pair of Canadian twins? That last sentence sounds like a dating app fetish!!! Alas, here we are, the stars are in the sky, Milano has never felt so familiar, and Dsquared has never sparkled so prophetically as they advise us, "To always trust your gut and that family is everything" and we couldn't agree more. For here we are, in the Chaos and Calm Issue, in this mentally lobotomizing year, toasting the boys as they affirm, "This time that we are all facing is difficult for everyone in a different way, but what becomes the most important lesson is to listen to what is happening." We agree, times two. Designers Dean and Dan Caten, who’ve enjoyed quite the ride alongside the likes of Madonna and Naomi Campbell, Beyoncé and Cher, share that in the course of the pandemic, they've spent all their time together (“Basically, we discovered the benefits of doing yoga and now we are completely obsessed!”), in addition to spending time on their respective feeds—though when asked what's irritating in the context, they charmingly reply, "There isn’t much that irritates us as we believe everyone should utilize their social how they would like to." We'd agree! This is a moment to live and let live, and live we could in one of those denim trimmed, shearling lined jackets, because judgement of others sucks, and as they'll attest, "Whatever we have done, successes or non-successes, sacrifices and joys, past and present in general, has made us who we are." Onward, boys, and the next time we ask for themes or motifs concerning your would-be portrait illustration in Flaunt, and you reply “Disco / Pop music, pasta, denim, Canada, Italy, travel, beach, sunshine”, know we’re always gonna pick the pasta.
Written by Matthew Bedard Illustrated by Dilek Baykara