Vincent Lantzy and a Vision for a Revolution
![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1621526213576-V7B6CYF8G7N4W7U46PSR/IMG_3809.JPG) Vincent Lantzy and a Vision for a Revolution.
At 21 years old Vincent Lantzy has lived more than a few past lives. The Detroit native grew up as a tailor at 15 and then started working in a denim factory at 16. At 18 he ran off to New York to pursue a career in fashion where he lived for 6 months meeting people who helped him get his foot in the door. Moving to Los Angeles to pursue styling and landing a job interning for Tom Ford. In the city of eternal sunshine and after parties Lantzy fell into a key role as manager and brainchild behind Haven House, a vintage clothing store and collective that serves as a breath of fresh smoke filled air to the modern wave of punks, rockers, and creatives. The garments that make up with euro-gothic collection can be found next to a catacomb of hand-picked denim and band tees that fill up the shop on 128 South la Brea Avenue.
The collection is made for the rockstar getting ready to preform his show and wanting to make a statement when they step on stage. This collection is also for the kid who spent their last 100$ on tickets for them and their date and wants to look sexy for them. This collection is for the rebels, the punks, the rockers, the people who really aren’t afraid to revel in their own weirdness and break free of conformity. All of the pieces are made with a character in mind. With the main focus of the collection being a hand knitted sweater that was inspired by grandma and Vivienne Westwood. I woke up one morning to a package of pearls from my grandmother that makes jewelry saying “make something with these” I was going to make a necklace but I came across a Sex Pistols interview and couldn’t take my eyes of Johnny rottens sweater. I want to bring back that feeling of the 70s when the revolution had just begun and people were expressing themselves freely and openly. And so the birth of “An Ode to Anarchy” was born. Clothes that I hope will inspire people to be more open in their sexuality and embracing their passion for living on the wild side.
Call it luck, talent, or restlessness, Lantzy crafted “Ode to Anarchy” by reconstructing vintage pieces, designing and styling the garments in his Hollywood apartment. shot and styled Ode to Anarchy in tarnished perfection. Ode to Anarchy offers a juxtaposition to the glamorously overdone style of LA by dragging it back out to the streets. Each piece is tarnished with the chaotic value of all-nighters and loud music. Taste-making has been in his blood for generations before that. Along with the Sex Pistols and Andy Warhol, Lantzy draws inspiration from his great grandmother - a furniture designer, and his grandma - a Jewelry designer.
With this collection Lantzy aims to pull from the past and inspire today’s generation to be more daring in the way they express themselves. Staying true to his rebellious roots Lantzy believes that you cannot change the culture or inspire people by telling a story that isn’t yours. The underlying message of this collection is to stick true to yourself and all the imperfections that make you uniquely perfect. Lantzy believes that “You can find inspiration anywhere and when you stop looking for inspiration all together, that’s when you’ve evolved into a true creative.” Stopping himself from looking around todays state of culture to inspire his work, he has pulled pieces from the past that shaped him into the artist and person he is today. Finding a part of himself in the nightlife and music scene, he is determined and bound to shape the style and aesthetic revolution of the 20’s. The collection will drop on June 1st on http://www.vincentlantzystudio.com/ . Fashion is not the limit of Lantzy’s creative affairs, he is also working on a few films and art projects with friends stated to come out later this year. Article by; Rachel Ly Photographer: Vincent Lantzy Photo editor: Wil Salcedo Models: Gauge Burek, Kira Akioshi