Unordinary Women | Lafayette 148 x Girl Rising

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[Lafayette 148 New York](https://www.lafayette148ny.com/) and [Girl Rising](https://girlrising.org/) have teamed up for their second annual [UnordinaryWomen campaign](https://www.lafayette148ny.com/unordinarywomen#meet-the-women). Nine boundary-breaking women celebrate their change-making power benefitting girls rights and education around the globe. “In these unordinary times, we all need to be inspired,” says Lafayette 148 Co-Founder and CEO Deirdre Quinn. “Now more than ever, we need stories that show us the power of lifting each other up. As a company led by women for women, we’re committed to nurturing girls and helping them flourish through education so they can become the next generation of UnordinaryWomen. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve created.” Join the live zoom celebration and confab, titled **_UNORDINARY TIMES, EXTRAORDINARY CONVERSATIONS_** on May 7th for a dynamic discussion amongst the campaign’s nine honorees. “In this unordinary moment, we have no choice but to come together, rise to the challenges we’re facing and push ourselves to be extraordinary.  If ever there was a time when we need to tell and share these stories, this is it.”  Quinn continues, “behind every unordinary woman are countless women who have inspired and supported her along the way.” Register for the panel [here](https://www.lafayette148ny.com/unordinarywomen#event). * * * Photography by Sophie Elgort