The Gallery @ Exhibition | Zoé Blue M. and Mark Williams

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Two LA-based artists. Two different backgrounds. Two different generations. Different but united with visual language and exploration, [Zoé Blue M](https://www.zoebluem.com/) and Mark Williams showcase their artwork at  [The Gallery @](https://thegalleryat.com).  Zoé Blue M paintings reveal new nuances the longer you study them. At a glance, her use of vibrant colors catch the eye, along with the animated facial expressions and geometric motifs. However, don’t let the vividness fool you, there is a sense of struggle that is uncovered when they are looked at carefully. Blue M. explores the evolution of the how East Asian women are portrayed and characterized. Her artwork encourages observation and conversation - addressing cultural appropriation, identity, stigmas, and more.  Mark Williams is an artist working out of the ECF Art Center in Inglewood. The space allows for adults with learning disabilities to pursue their creative pursuits in describing his work, ”My artwork is very important to me. I like drawing and painting-- well, it makes me busy. It makes me feel good. I paint different houses I’ve lived in and interesting people I see. And also my jams. Earth, Wind, and Fire is my favorite, and also The Three Ladies The Supremes. I do know my jams." * * * Zoé Blue M. and Mark Williams will open at The Gallery @ Exhibition from Feb. 1 - March 15, 2020 The Gallery @ El Centro | [6200 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 3116](x-apple-data-detectors://1) [Los Angeles, CA 90028](x-apple-data-detectors://1)