FLAUNT Video Premiere | SHARDS "Unrest"
From their debut record [_Find Sound_](https://idol.lnk.to/FindSound), London-based SHARDS embarks on an exploration of the human voice combined with synths and percussion in their new video for “Unrest,” playing into a conflict between the natural and unnatural. SHARDS evokes a sense of terror and relief simultaneously as the video follows a digital exploration of a city and its people. Floating through a void littered with elements of the known and unknown, the 3D scans that make up the video tether the viewer to the real world while remaining lost in a dream land. “I love that old argument about the difference between what is artificial and natural. To me, the shape of the city is as natural as the shape of a tree,” says director Josh Eiffel. “I wanted to stop time and put the infrastructure of this organic mess on a pedestal. What really helped me to do that was to use a simple 3D scanner. My 1st AD Oli and I would walk through the streets approaching people, buildings, and vehicles without much differentiation and use this device to capture them; bankers eating their lunch on marble benches, children running past the base of a high rise, a shop worker behind a small windowed kiosk. The trains were particularly poignant for what I wanted to obtain. To get a good scan of a person, you want them to remain still.  I stepped onto a train and suddenly I was seeing how I envisioned the music video live; dozens of frozen cells, brought together within a moving container, all adamant to remain separate from one another's goals. To me this is the city in a nutshell; a duality of togetherness and loneliness. It matched the sublime and tragic qualities of ‘Unrest’ perfectly.” The singers provide distinct sounds to the group, playing into this idea of contrasting sounds, feelings, and textures. SHARDS tosses away seamlessness and precision and celebrates the unique and individual sounds that every member can contribute. [Kieran Brunt](http://www.kieranbrunt.com/), the lead singer, composer, and producer for SHARDS, has collaborated with notable artists, contributing to his sonic repertoire. From [Nils Frahm](https://www.nilsfrahm.com/) to [Michael Price](https://www.michaelpricemusic.com/), SHARDS has garnered a reserve of sounds that informs the way they work. With this same ethos of collaborative work, Brunt brought in additional production from Paul Corley, who has helped to produce music with the likes of [Oneohtrix Point Never](https://www.instagram.com/eccopn/?hl=en), [Sigur Rós](https://www.instagram.com/sigurros/?hl=en), and [Yves Tumor](https://www.instagram.com/yvestumor/?hl=en). _Find Sound_ is a jarring collision of optimistic bliss against an underlying feeling of unease. [_Find Sound_](https://shardsvoices.bandcamp.com/album/find-sound) is available on [Erased Tapes](https://www.erasedtapes.com/) now. Watch the video for “Unrest” below. * * * Video and image courtesy of SHARDS