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![](https://assets-global.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472ba2899898644cddf1b8b_image-asset.jpeg) The French electronic musician Cedric Steinmyller, better known as [Klingande](https://www.instagram.com/klingandemusic/), is following up the release of his single “Messiah” with a brand new music video. Featuring English singer-songwriter duo [Bright Sparks](https://www.instagram.com/ohbrightsparks/?hl=es-la), the single explores themes of love, obsession, and heartbreak with a more stripped-back production from the artist.  Growing up in Croix, Northern France, Cedric Steinmyller immersed himself within the realm of music production by combining his knowledge of the elements of music composition with his experience DJ-ing. Sweden’s dance music culture served as the inspiration for his delving into electronic music, as well as his name change to the Swedish word for sounding—Klingande. After years of music education and producing his own music, it was his 2014 single “Jubel” that captured people’s attention by taking the #1 spot in 30 countries and becoming the most Shazamed track across Europe. Since then Klingande has cemented his own unique melodic house style within the industry, being called upon to play major festivals worldwide due to a unified love of his music. In anticipation of his debut album coming out later this year _The Album_, fans will see a new level of production from the electronic artist that they will surely enjoy. His collaboration with Bright Sparks for the single “Messiah” proved successful indeed, showcasing a gentle fusion of electronic, melodic, beats and sweeping soundscapes. The new music video further examines the central themes in the song, as well as providing an almost dreamlike sequence of events. The music video for “Messiah” is out today! Check it out below! **Congratulations on the release of “Messiah”! What was your experience like collaborating with Bright Sparks?** Thank you! Actually, on this song the process was different. When I first listened to “Messiah” I didn’t know it was from Bright Sparks. I received the song and had an immediate crush on it. I knew what I wanted to do with the vocals instantly. Then it was a pretty fast process and we did everything remotely with Bright Sparks. **‘Messiah’ diverts from your typical upbeat sound and carries a large pop influence. How did it feel working with this new production style?** I loved it. As you said, it diverts from my usual sound and that’s what I wanted to accomplish. I’ve wanted to do something different for a long time and this song was the perfect opportunity. It inspired me to experiment with new productions, which was really refreshing and exciting. **In the visual for the track, we see a reoccurring theme of sexuality and the pursuit of identity. What made you want to incorporate these themes into your music video?** Everything came from the song, the lyrics and the emotions Bright Sparks brought into it. It’s about passionate love and sensuality, no matter your gender or sexual orientation. We discussed with the director of the video, Pierre Davy, and he came back with this synopsis which fit perfectly with the energy and tension that you can feel in the song and its message. **Your previous videos for “By The River” and “Ready For Love” have interwoven storylines. How important is it for you to incorporate a narrative into your videos?** For “By The River” and “Ready For Love” it was really interesting because we had these two songs ready to release, and we wanted to shoot both videos at the same time. So we brainstormed with Pierre (Pierre Davy directed our last three videos) and came up with the idea to have a continuous storyline. Every video we do depends on the message of the song and the inspiration we get from it. It’s always fun to switch things up and try something new as I don’t want to be in all of my videos. I think people enjoy watching music videos with an interesting narrative, something that will motivate them to watch until the end. I hope we accomplished that with these releases. **You recently completed the North American and European leg of ‘The Intimate Tour’. Were there any particular moments or cities that stuck out to you the most?** The whole tour was amazing, but I think the best memories were in New York and Paris. Paris was very special because it was just after my birthday and my team prepared a surprise for me during the show. It was a sold-out show in my country, which made it even more memorable. New York had such an incredible energy. The room was grooving, it was such a great feeling! **You have plans to release your debut project _The Album_ on November 15. What can fans expect from your first full body of work?** I really made it for my fans. The first part of the album is all about new music, with releases from this year and exclusive tracks. The second part is made up of previous singles that I’ve released over the years. It’s more like a compilation album, I wanted to let people listen to all of my music as a whole. I also added a little surprise for the fans in the second part. For those who expect the saxophone to come back, the answer is yes! **In conjunction with the release of The Album, you will be taking off on a French tour making stops in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, and your hometown of Lille. What do you look forward to the most when performing in your home country?** This tour will have a new set up, it will be a big evolution from my usual show. The most important thing for me is to make these parties memorable and give the crowd an amazing show. And of course, going back to my hometown after all of these years is super exciting, but also a lot of pressure because I’ll be playing in front of all of my friends and family. **Is there anything else you would like your fans to know?** I really want to tell them thanks for the support over all of these years. I really made this upcoming album with them in my mind the whole time and I hope they will enjoy it. I also have a lot of music ready after the album with big collaborations on the way. Everything is super exciting at the moment, so stay tuned!