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### _The Future Perfect unveil their new space in the Hollywood Hills_ Last night David Alhadeff, the founder of NYC and San Francisco Design stores [The Future Perfect](https://www.thefutureperfect.com/), launched an LA expansion with [Casa Perfect](https://www.thefutureperfect.com/los_angeles) - a fully-fitted out showroom in an elegant mid-century modernist home high above the Sunset Strip. Alhadeff was joined by Design Miami Chief Creative Officer Rodman Primack in hosting guests in a unique showroom that boasts a variety of enviable furniture and design pieces by acclaimed houses and talents like De La Espada, Calico Wallpaper, Lindsey Adelman, Bec Brittain, Kalmar Werkstäten, Lisa Eisner, Christian Woo, Eric Roinestad, Piet Hein Eek, and Hagit Pincovici. With a variety of notable figures from the design community in attendance, Casa Perfect is the latest Los Angeles unveiling to spotlight the city's rising star in the world of art and design. * * * Photographed by Josh Blanchard