Olivia Reid | Introducing Her ‘Earth Water’ EP

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2021.08.21\_olivia.reid.portraits-4351FLAUNT.jpg ![2021.08.21_olivia.reid.portraits-4351FLAUNT.jpg](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1630334904066-4SCKQJTZISVZT9PZYIIJ/2021.08.21_olivia.reid.portraits-4351FLAUNT.jpg) [Olivia Reid](https://www.instagram.com/oliviareidmusic/) is a folk-pop singer-songwriter, among the less than 5% of women producers, and one of the less than 3% of women sound engineers in the music industry. Now, 22-year-old Reid releases her debut EP titled _Earth Water,_ a 6-song collection of stories presented through ethereal yet commanding vocals and production elements that will immediately transport the listener to their own personal natural wonder. The EP begins with “Visitor,” a story inspired by Reid’s extended stay in Berlin and visit to Portugal and Spain. She states, “‘Visitor’ paints a picture of what it feels like to be wandering around a new place mindlessly. I cut up synths and vocal samples to create a hypnotic feeling. The saxophone piece arranged by Morgan Guerin was meant to lift the track into a dream. The saxophone samples were intended to recreate the sounds of saxophonists playing on the street—giving music to a city.” Other tracks on _Earth Water_ include “Water Damage,” a song about fear of loss and a fear that something good like water can cause so much damage. “Tattoo Garden” shares a story of meeting a girl with many stories behind her tattoos.  Olivia explains, “The phrase ‘Tattoo Garden’ is both the tattoo parlor and her skin. It’s how I described that feeling of falling in love with a person and all their stories, doing anything to feel closer to them.”  Themes throughout the EP range from love to family and exploration of both the natural and unnatural world. This is especially present in her video for “Take in the View”, a visual journey meant to put the listener in motion. Olivia Reid will also be one of the host of Spotify’s Song Start, a _free_ educational resource for artists. Reid will discuss with A-list musicians about navigating songwriting, production, mental health, and more—a masterclass for aspiring artists to navigate the industry and be their own tour de force.