Muzi | “There Seem To Be a Lot of Black People on Mars” 
![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1620276728126-9LEMFDMBMUL64TMNI97H/Muzi_Press_Shoot-6.jpg) Effervescent might be the best word to describe South African rising star Muzi. His smile and energy are infectious, and belie the work ethic and drive that have seen him rise to the top of the African music scene. Appearances at AfroPunk, sell-out international tours, co-signs from the likes of Stormzy, Damon Albarn and Chris Martin, and nods from the likes of Vans confirm that the world is starting to take note. Residing in Johannesburg, Muzi is a musical sponge, soaking up the Zulu traditions of his rural upbringing and channeling it with South Africa’s Bubblegum era, local genres like Maskandi, Kwaito and Isicathamiya and universal rhythms of house, to create music that is futuristic, but rich in his country’s history. “Interblaktic” is the lead single from Muzi’s forthcoming album, scheduled to drop some time this Fall. It’s everything that makes Muzi unique; buoyant dance moves; a celebration of Africa’s people and land; an inescapable groove. Muzi originally started as a DJ and producer, before picking up the mike and singing and stepping out from behind the decks. His lyrics run deep, despite the bounce in his tracks, tackling themes of oppression, adversity, loss and love, often heavily tied to the concept of African space exploration. “Interblaktic” is no-different as re-introduces his Zulu Skywalker and sets off on another adventure. We hope they have Zebra leather skin jackets on Mars too.