How Art Expert Monica Kalpakian Helps Collectors Ignite Their Passion for Art

![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/2cb816a8-eaa9-405d-b5f8-98c948d2ebd3/Monica+Kalapakian+-+Flaunt+Magazine.jpg) Having a passion for art and being able to navigate the industry is an incredible way to enrich your life. Collectors spend years navigating the nuances of the craft and learning meaningful lessons along the way. It takes an expert eye to uncover hidden gems that may add priceless value to a collection. Monica Kalpakian is an art patron and collector who has refined her abilities to identify valuable work and aims to share that knowledge with others. She does this through what she calls “Artvising,” a one-of-a-kind concept that is empowering collectors around the world. Her company Artvising is an exclusive art advisory company “for the most demanding private art collectors in the world.” Monica worked as a psychologist when she lived in Argentina, which opens her vision to see art beyond physicality. This has enabled her to understand art more deeply and find the proper combination to see its value. Her affiliation with world-renown museums has also allowed Monica to offer clients “exclusive access to private artists, galleries, collections, and auctions.” She sits on the board of the Tate Modern International Council since 2015 and the American art Acquisition Committee since 2004. Monica Kalpakian is one of the founding members of Arte Basel Miami, since 2001. By being entirely involved in the art world to this day, Monica has her pulse on the ever-changing industry. Her invaluable knowledge helps fellow art lovers discover unique insights that will guide them through a carefully tailored experience changing the way they look at, appreciate and purchase art. Artvising is currently operating in Miami, London, and NYC. Monica’s special angle is connecting with people, understanding their needs, and uncovering what connects to them. This will help clients start looking at pictures, sculptures, or paintings from a different angle. She helps them find one-of-a-kind opportunities to access art that truly connects with them. The process of acquiring is complex and also mind-expanding, and having the right elements together to access and be on spot with the client’s needs. She loves expanding people’s minds and gives more than a service, it’s an experience. Monica Kalpakian often compares art to a musical symphony. Every note has a purpose and contributes to the harmonious arrangement; every brush stroke is important and carries a separate message in art. Art has a different meaning for everyone and is a way to connect with our emotions and those around us. However, many people see art as lines, patterns, or colorful paintings on a canvas, stopping them from seeing the deeper meaning. As Monica continues to flourish, she is using her knowledge, expertise, and style to help patrons understand more about art and discover their own path in the art world.