SKINBYSYD | Founder Sydney Blank Addresses Quarantine Skin
![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1597778534973-RXMF57L29WDQ0ETC83JS/image0.png) Quarantine has affected everyone's skin. Yes, less sun damage, but it’s left us more susceptible to harmful phone emissions. Restrictions resulted in plenty of downtime and left many jumping on the "quarantine glow-up" train. Skincare is a major new topic of conversation, and while social media is helping the beginners nail their routines, some important tips are not being addressed. Fashion model, aesthetician, and founder of SkinbySyd, Sydney Blank, has recently informed her customers about proper skincare by tackling issues such as; indoor sun exposure, High Energy Visible light (HEV), harsh chemicals, stress, and mask irritation. Lockdown increased online sales and plenty of new customers for SkinbySyd. Still, Blank wanted her customers to understand that while her completely vegan, clean and dermatologist approved products can do wonders for the skin, acknowledging ‘extra effort’ is required to achieve optimal results. "If someone is taking it seriously to make a skincare routine part of their life, they have to understand that it is a lifestyle change," Blank says "It's not something you can just do a couple of times a week and hope to see results. It's a daily commitment that you must be dedicated to. Having healthy skin from a great skincare routine can take years off of your skin's appearance." Blank has enlightened her customers about the do’s and don'ts of skincare and brought overall awareness of outside factors that damage the skin. Blank highlighted the importance of sunscreen even while indoors, and if the skin is lacking Vitamin D to take supplements as an alternative. Other variables to consider include; HEV rays that radiate from phones and computers. Luckily, SkinbySyd offers an eye serum formulated with a fluorescent brightener to save the delicate skin around the eyes from the damaging effects of HEV. Other environmental issues she has conveyed with her customers incorporate hydration to combat dryness and cracked skin caused by cleaning chemicals such as hand sanitizer. "Whether you're a homebody or you love being out and about, it's always important to moisturize your skin and stay hydrated with water," Blank states, "Our Replenishing Brightening Créme is perfect for keeping your skin hydrated and glowing for up to 20 hours." Furthermore, Blank comprehends the stress this unprecedented time has generated and has taken it upon herself to bust the myths circulating on social media. "One trend that I've seen a lot of, that's completely false, is the excessive use of sheet masks," Blank says, "Using sheet masks on our skin can constantly clog our pores and cause major breakouts and irritation. I personally like to use sheet masks every other week if my skin needs a pick me up." To actually battle stress-related breakouts, Blank recommends the combination of a high-frequency wand and SkinbySyd's AHA/BHA Cleaning Glow Mousse. Blank explained on a recent Instagram post that this pair helps zap away the bacteria and fungus that lie in the pores. Of course, Blank rehashed that good skin requires a certain lifestyle, and healthy habits like an adequate diet and night's rest are equally important. Another major complaint Blank has addressed is the masks' breakouts. Though they protect our health, masks cause irritation from trapped air particles and persistent rubbing. "I have been personally experiencing this problem and have found the AHA/BHA Cleaning Glow Mousse to have helped tremendously," Blank explained. "This cleaner is both antibacterial and antifungal, helping to kill the sweat and germs that get trapped in our masks from us wearing them for extended periods of time." Blank is a guiding light for those needing honest skincare tips during the quarantine. Finding the right products to suit your skin's needs at the moment can be tricky, but SkinbySyd prides itself on transparency and is committed to providing skincare for everyone, no matter their issues.