Marlounsly | Freestyling to "Honey" and More

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MarlounslyFLAUNT.JPG ![MarlounslyFLAUNT.JPG](https://global-uploads.webflow.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472bf381fafcbdf3e8e4052_MarlounslyFLAUNT.jpeg) [Marlounsly](https://www.instagram.com/marlounsly/) is the sweetest soul, and you can hear it in her music. The singer-songwriter was born in Haiti, but moved to South Florida at 4 years old where she was raised. While music is engrained in her, it was Instagram where she began posting covers that would eventually jumpstart her career. Soon, she’d release her own original songs and organically gain a fanbase of her own. In 2018, she caught her big break scoring an opening slot at Miami’s Best Life Festival. One year later, her music videos for “Lowkey” and “Dreamboat” went viral on Twitter. If there’s one thing about her journey, it’s that everything comes organically. With millions of views and streams across all streaming platforms, the 23-year-old keeps the heat coming with the release of “Honey.” The record was released during Mother's Day Weekend to cure the ails of quarantine, with a vibrant visual to match. It was an instant connection to the beat that allowed her to freestyle sing effortlessly.  She’s also been extremely vocal in speaking out against the injustices faced by black women in the healthcare industry, using her platform to raise awareness and spark conversation.  Flaunt caught up with Marlounsly, who describes herself as a “happy, laid back R&B singer with a fun side,” while reminding us she’s a proud Florida girl. Read below as we discuss her upbringing, connecting with the beat, freestyling to “Honey,” and more! **How are you holding up during quarantine?** Pretty chill, it’s raining here. The weather’s been bipolar. It’s a really devastating time, people have to stay positive honestly. I’ve been writing, doing what we’re doing with producers. I’m able to work with producers via FaceTime still. I did a virtual session with this one producer who lives all the way out in Jersey. We met through Instagram, he called me like “yo, you’re fire.” I said “sure, let’s work!” He had his piano and he was able to make me a beat out of nowhere. **Talk about being born in Haiti, but raised in South Florida.**  I was only 4 years old when I came to the States. I have really good memory when it comes to what I did at 2, 3 years old, but if you ask me what I ate last week… no idea. I remember going to school in Haiti because they start really young. Before I knew it, my parents were already coming here. I was so young, but I remember it was a really homey feeling when I was in Haiti. Everyone’s really close, especially the people who were my neighbors. Neighbors were really close to each other. **Do you have any Haiti music influences?** Not really honestly, I want to get more into the music scene there. I was so young, so I've always been more into that R&B. But my parents play Haitian music, I actually just got back. Before all of this happened, I was in Haiti for a week. **How was that?** It was cool. Everyone’s like "oh no, it's dangerous." Nah, I'm from there. It's not dangerous. I have a lot of family still over there so when I go there, I’m good. As long as you have family and you know where you're going, it's chill. There's some beautiful parts, it's not all bad. **Biggest influences growing up?** Girl, I’m listening to Mariah Carey. Chris Brown. Keyshia Cole. Lauryn Hill. I remember as soon as I got home from elementary school and middle school, I’d go straight to the computer and look up lyrics. Keyshia Cole lyrics, Chris Brown lyrics. **What's your favorite Chris Brown song?** Dang, he has so many. That’s not even fair. Every song from the very beginning! “Kiss Kiss,” "Excuse Me Miss.” He made this song called "Wet the Bed,” I like that one. \[laughs\] **When did music become something you felt you could do for a living?** June 2016 is when I put out my very first song, it started taking off from there. In 2016, all my friends were doing music. They’re either rapping or trying to be singers. I was always getting invited to these freestyle sessions, studio sessions. I’d go to support the people who were there, not even to work on music. I was also really good at singing. I was always writing little poetry in my phone, but never really did anything. I was always on the outside, being a cheerleader for whoever’s there.  I've been singing this little melody for a while now. One day, I thought “omg, I think I can put it on a beat.” I was in my math class writing this song called "Therapeutic,” it was a boring lecture that day. Then I’m like “okay I'm going to go to the studio session tonight (because that's what we do now), and I'ma see if I can record a little something.” I ended up recording "Therapeutic" and it was a hit. They’re like “yo, this song fire!” I was like whaaat? \[chuckles\] **How'd it feel to have your first song go up like that?** It didn't go up up, but it went up for the time. It was 2016 and I had dropped my first song. I dropped it on SoundCloud. I didn't really know anything about the music industry and preparing yourself to look good, etc. So when I posted it, it didn't have any cover art. **What was on it?** It was a blank page. I dropped it on Twitter and I said, “hey guys, I dropped my first song. Check it out!” Just a little tweet. A couple minutes later, people were raving "yo, this is it!" I’m like “what are you talking about?” "Yo this fire! Yo, you do this!" I’m just like “thanks.” **Were you going to school at that time or did you go straight to music?** I was going to school at that time. Currently I'm not because I'm still trying to figure out what my focus is right now, but back then I was going to school. I was always writing songs while I was in class. No lie right after school, my friends would literally pick me up from school, go back to crib, chill, freestyle, go to the studio. It was like that everyday. Go to school, freestyle, go to school, freestyle. **Fast forward to 2020, you're freestyling your new single "Honey.” You still freestyle sing, that's crazy!** I had to! Even though everybody all grew up, we're all still close. We're not picking each other up and freestyling all day anymore obviously, but everyone’s still doing their own thing. I still like freestyling for the hell of it. I like to play beats in my room. I like to play beats in the car because I feel like the aux amps it up.  **Playing music in the car is life-changing.** It’s the best. You take a drive and you're feeling the wind and the instrumental. **Who or what inspired "Honey"?** Nothing in particular honestly. I heard that beat and I connected with the beat. When I hear a beat, instantly my mind connects. I want to start vibing and creating to a melody. Soon as I heard the beat, I started singing “tell me when you wanna drop in.” I was just playing with it, then I’m like “oh shit, hold on…” **Obviously it’s a feeling thing, but what kind of beats do you like?** I've actually freestyled to all types of beats. Pop beats, R&B beats, some trap beats. Those aren’t my strong suits, but I freestyle to all types of beats. I mostly like R&B, nice melodies, but I do love a lot of bass as well. I love Chris Brown type of beats, Justin Bieber type beats. Those pop beats. **You were serving looks in the video, what was the highlight of shooting?** So many highlights, I had a dope time shooting it. I didn't think it was going to come out as great as it did because it was so hot that day. So hot! That was literally the hottest day in Florida. It seemed like Florida switched up. Shooting that video, the sun was beaming on me! Omg, I’m sweating so much, I really hoped it came out good. It still came out fire. **How’s the Instagram Live performances vs IRL?** Ever since quarantine, I've been trying to connect with people more. If I'm not doing any shows or touring, sometimes I'll go on IG Live and do freestyles and little harmonies. Or I'll go on FaceTime with other producers to see what other beats they got. They’ll say “yo I have a beat for you.” Okay, let me get it. They’ll play the piano. It's been a really good way to connect with people. There's nothing to do at home. Can't do no tours, can't perform anywhere, so why not? **How was the FOX Soul performance?** That was so dope. Wow, I can't even believe it. I talked to them about my music process. They were very interested in my upbringing, where I came from. We talked about Haiti, my music. Tammy’s super cool, she has a dope personality. It was all good vibes and good conversation. **Bring us back to when you opened for Ella Mai, Summer Walker, and H.E.R.** There's this thing called 1AM Radio, ran by a woman named YesJulz. She’s an entrepreneur. Her platform 1AM Radio said "we have an available slot for the next R&B singer to perform, tpo open up for Ella Mai, Summer Walker, and H.E.R.” There were a whole bunch of amazingly talented R&B artists who were posted on her page, singing. She put my cover amongst a few other people, people had to go and comment “oh I want her to win. I want her to win” It was thousands of votes under her page of who they wanted to win.   **Your journey has been so organic. Even now, your fans are tuned in.** Fasho, my fans have been here 2016. They've been down since day 1. **What are some goals for yourself?** I want to keep growing in my artistry, keep growing in my craft. I want to continue to make better music. I want to work with some bigger artists. One day, I want to work with Chris Brown. I want to work with Rihanna. It’d be a dream to do something with Rihanna because we're both island women, that’d be super dope. It's my goal to keep growing and eventually work with these dope artists who I've looked up to for so long. **Fav person to follow on IG?** Right now, [Tabitha Brown](https://www.instagram.com/iamtabithabrown/?hl=en). She's not even an artist, she’s this sweet woman who cooks these vegan recipes. She uplifts people, she's super dope. I love her energy. Even if I'm not looking for any music-related stuff, I scroll through her page and I get inspired. She'll tell you to get up and go face your fears. She's very positive and you can tell it's real.  **How was seeing "Berry" on Tik Tok to an acai bowl?** That was crazy! "Berry" is one of my most favorite songs. I dropped it on Valentine’s Day. It's a sweet song that you play for your significant other, but people were actually making food to it. I mean, I get it. It is "Berry" so hey, you can do whatever you want.  **Are you active on Tik Tok?** Not really, I don't really go on TikTok. I have the app because I was trying to learn Meg Thee Stallion’s "Savage" dance. \[laughs\] I learned but I never posted it. It’s so many moves! Can I even compete with these girls? They’re going off the rails. **What do you do for fun when you're not doing music?** I like to watch scary movies. I have 2 dogs, I have 2 maltese. They're not here, they’re at my mom’s house. Ugh, I miss my babies. They’re better at my mom's house. I miss them so much. I'm a dog mom so this is tough for us. If this wasn't happening I'd be with them right now, probably at the park or hanging out.  **How long have you had them?** One of them, I've had since I was 12 years old. He's super old but he still has all this energy. He loves me the most. He loves me more than the other dog, I just know. The other dog is a puppy. The reason being is because my mom got him from this old lady. My mom takes care of people who are in rehabilitation homes and old people. The people she takes care of have a little bit more freedom. This lady had this dog that her children gave to her, she was allowed to have a dog in the rehabilitation center with her. My mom was taking care of her, she’s saying "I can't take care of this dog anymore." My mom couldn't say no to a dog. \[laughs\] **What can we look forward to music-wise?** I have a lot on the way. Currently I'm focused on dropping more singles, definitely more visuals. I don't want to say if I'll drop a project or not, because people will hold on to that for the longest. But my visuals and videos are doing really good, so I'm going to step it up. **You just dropped “Honey,” but Is there another new single on the horizon?** Hey, you never know. I'm not trying to reveal because there's no surprise at that point.