Marchesi Antinori | In Honor of Wine and Friendships

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600 years ago [Marchesi Antinori](https://www.antinori.it/en/) created a family-owned wine company in Tuscany, Italy. Now an iconic brand, the family’s 26th generation of daughters are in control, marking a historical stride as the first female leaders. Creating a “wine making footprint,” the estate can be found in multiple notable wine regions throughout Italy, such as Puglia, Umbria, and Piedmont, as well as other worldwide locations, including Chile and Napa Valley, California. Alessia Antinori, one of the vice presidents, hosted the event in celebration of wine and the Antinori family’s relationship with [Donna Karan’s Urban Zen space](https://urbanzen.com). The private event was also a way to celebrate with friends to welcome the Autumn season. There were many guests including , Katie Couric, Rachel Roy and Sherman Williams. * * * Photos Courtesy