Flaunt Premiere | Lostboycrow "Since The Day I Was Born"

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Photo Credit: Samantha Sheldon ![Photo Credit: Samantha Sheldon](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1537389477927-3FWOKUE0EFM13T2UAFZ9/IMG_5308.jpg) Photo Credit: Samantha Sheldon Lostboycrow is an LA-based musician with a headstrong spirit that is making a substantial impact in rising pop. Lostboycrow recently played Bonanza festival that featured headliner Halsey after completing a headline tour earlier this year. His LP ‘Santa Fe’ is in the works and soon to be released for public enjoyment. Until then, we have been gifted with a look inside ‘Santa Fe’ via the release of Lostboycrow’s new single off the LP entitled ‘Since The Day I Was Born’. The song is pleasing to the ears and sweet to the soul, and we had the honor to speak with the Lostboy himself about all of this and more: **After releasing the end of your three stage release of your LP, _Traveler_, earlier this year and launching straight into the album, _Santa Fe_, have you had any time to breath? How has this whole process of making music constantly been?**  I think the way Traveler was made, and released, having so many different parts coming together over the course of an entire year and in some instances even longer, just the idea of stealing away to a secluded place with some of my closest friends and trying to uncover a sound without any real preconceived notion of what it should be, felt more like a breath than anything else. Refreshing. Healing. Inspiring. **What was your vision for _Santa Fe_ and where do you hope to go from here with your career?**  Taking those relationships and that history and bringing them some place far enough removed (literally) from any routine or set up we had used on anything up until that point was just the most exciting thing to me creatively. The end product is always subjective but the believability that comes with the pursuit of what is interesting and inspiring to us will always translate. That's a lot of what the album ended up being about. Art as its own reward. The act of life as its own treasure. Being in Santa Fe and confining ourselves to a space, and a set time, the same people, a lot of the same instruments, allowed us to really take what we had and just be able to sprint without overthinking things early on. We were also fortunate enough to start the process of this album in between the first and second part of a tour so it really didn't feel like a grind so much as a change of pace. I really just wanted to get back in touch with the way I used to listen to and approach the making of the music. Its been a very freeing experience and thats really all I could hope for the listener. A liberating sense of self discovery birthed from a glance backwards and a step forward. To me the process of making Santa Fe will always be the most rewarding part, but I think if it can serve as a compass pointing to whatever true north is to me creatively, I'll be very happy. **Describe how it was opening up for artists like Halsey and Wiz Khalifa at Bonanza Campout Music Festival after finishing your tour?** Bonanza was another new experience. its always exciting to be alongside (or underneath in much smaller print) of artists playing at that level but the greatest takeaway was in seeing what different styles of shows could all look like at those stages and getting a vision for myself and what I want people to feel like they're a part of as we progress and play more festivals and things like that. **As the title of your new single, "Since The Day I Was Born,” suggests your childhood, tell us a bit about how your younger life has affected your music career?**  There is much to learn when we are young and new but I believe there is even more to unlearn by the time we get around to looking back. My childhood is a place where my imagination runs free to this day. The truest sense of wonder has always brought me to the most wonderful places and people. I like to write about them from my place of wonderment. **What are some artists, movements, etc. that you gain inspiration from?** Robert Maxwell, Alvvays, arctic monekys, Paul Simon, Babygirl, DYSN. **Anything else you would like to add?** Spontaneity. * * * Written by Chloe Laughlin Interview by Sam Bashaw