LGBTQI+ | TikTok Trailblazer | @rcoveringhetero | Aoife Tobin
![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1593111542096-H3AR781HXFARWIJNA3IF/Aoife+Tobin+FLAUNT) Aoife Tobin | @rcoveringhetero | 153.5k followers | She / Her Aoife (ee-fa) Tobin AKA @rcoveringhetero would like fans to know she’s five years clean, and thanks everyone for their continued support. According to Tobin, her account “is just a 19 year old lesbian trying to be funny; I post relatable things for the gays and satirical political commentary.” What is your favorite place to create TikToks and why?
My favorite place to create TikToks is in my room, simply because my lamp gives me my catfish fantasy, and my busted closet in the background is my vibe (whether I like it or not).

When do you feel the most invincible?
In the least douchey way possible, I feel the most invincible when I'm riding my motorcycle. It feels so freeing and gives me so much adrenaline to live my “d*ke on a bike” fantasy.

Which current injustice is important to you and why?
BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER! BLACK LIVES MATTER PERIOD. The systemic racism and microaggressions black people face in America, and around the world, is more than disturbing. There is so much more for me, as a white person, to learn, unlearn and grow from. I am honored to be amongst creators who speak up against the racial injustices that they have faced, while I do my best to understand and amplify their voices.

If you have to eat one thing for the rest of 2020, what is it?
Tacos. I LOVE tacos, and I refuse to elaborate. Eat a taco! (sponsored by tacos).

Do you think you're still finding out who you are? What are the clues around you as to who that is?
Oh absolutely I am still finding out who I am. I learn something new about myself everyday, for example I learned I CAN’T yodel yesterday. My whole life I just assumed I could. I was devastated.

What's something often misunderstood about you?
People always think I’m not funny, ugly, and can yodel, when in reality I'm hilarious, gorgeous and can’t yodel.

Is it ok to change your mind sometimes? How come? What's the context?
YES GIRL. With time comes new knowledge and with new knowledge comes new opinions. It is so important that we grow throughout our lives and become more understanding of other people's situations and intersectionalities of privilege (or lack thereof) that they were born into.
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