Flaunt Premiere | Jackson + Sellers "Waste Your Time"
Photographed by Ashley Osborne. ![Photographed by Ashley Osborne.](https://assets-global.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472d6f85ba4190969072678_pasted%2Bimage%2B0.jpeg) Photographed by Ashley Osborne. [Jackson + Sellers](https://instagram.com/jacksonsellersmusic), is the indie rock brainchild of Jade Jackson and Aubrie Sellers that was created mid-quarantine.  Their creative journey began when Jackson connected with Sellers via social DM. The duo instantly sparked musical chemistry and finally decided to record a compilation of their expansive and collective musical interests. Together, the songstresses blend into a harmonic bliss full of lush 70s rock that intertwines with modern indie pop.   Their new single “Waste Your Time”, emphasizes the two’s experiences of vulnerability, isolation, sensitivity, and autonomy. Taking a mimetic approach where art initiates life, Jackson + Sellers relect on their own personal relationships when creating their heartfelt tunes. Their debut album, [_Breaking Point_](https://jacksonsellers.ffm.to/breakingpoint)_,_ is out October 22. The ten track project was recorded at The Cabin Studio located in East Nashville at the end of 2020. On their new single, Jade says, “‘Waste Your Time’ was my heart's way of ringing out the last few drops of a toxic relationship. When I started strumming the chords and scribbling down the lyrics I was in a place of weakness. After I put the pencil down and finished the song I felt strong again. It helped me move on.” Aubrie adds, “When we were putting songs together, Jade sent over a folder of a bunch of different ones that she had written and this one really stood out to us. It reminded me of what it might sound like if someone made a pure 90s rock anthem today. I think everybody has wondered if they wasted their time in the wrong relationship, and Jade encompassed the sentiment simply and completely.”