Gold Star | "Surrender" Off Upcoming Headlights USA
![](https://assets-global.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472d5dc384f9e1578b6d81f_unnamed.jpeg) Marlon Rabenreither better known as [Gold Star](https://www.instagram.com/gold_star_music/) is the feeling of riding in an old coverable glittering in the desert sun personified. Known for his lustrous melodies and literary-inspired lyricism, the LA-based artist creates a nostalgic sonic landscape in his newly announced EP, _Headlights USA,_  with his beautifully engineered layering of strings, pedal steel, vintage drum machines, and sweet flourishes of Mellotron. You may close your eyes and find yourself sitting up from a vinyl booth to add yet another quarter into the imaginary jukebox a at dimly lit bar.  “Surrender,” Gold Star’s first single off of the upcoming five-track EP takes inspiration from Denis Johnson’s short stories and ponders the quality of light in a motel amidst a sleepless night. Grammy-nominated indie rock singer, Phoebe Bridgers says, “I put it in the same side of my brain as Linda Ronstadt, Neil Young, and Jackson Browne.  Going to a show also feels like stepping into a time machine. Do it. You’ll thank me later.” Listen to “Surrender” below.