Gay Aliens Society - The NFT Project That Has Hollywood Buzzing!
![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/8cbee040-951e-4db1-aca2-84161d20f93b/a243755f-ed96-4e68-8af8-18a1fb7bdc43.JPG) Gay Aliens Society is a collection of 10,000 hand-drawn NFT’s designed and uniquely crafted by the celebrity artist, Tima Marso. Tima Marso was born on August 6th, 1991 in Strezhevoy, Russia, and has strong ties to the global art community as a multidisciplinary artist whose paintings have sold for thousands of dollars. Tima has also been widely published as a model in fashion magazines around the globe. Recently, Tima partnered with TokenSociety.io to create the Gay Aliens Society NFT project, which is a particularly interesting collection that has utilities and benefits they claim have never been seen before in the realm. According to Tima, “NFT (non-fungible tokens) are all about creating communities.” An example of one of the most successful NFT collectives is Bored Ape Yacht Club, a multi-million dollar grossing NFT collection with real world applications. Bored Ape is most known for their exclusivity as well as the real-world private events that are only available to Bored Ape NFT holders. Given the increasing interest, and obvious monetary opportunity involved with the NFT world, the market is deeply competitive. Additionally, many NFT projects seem to offer their holder some type of reward or utility for holding their NFTs. The most commonly offered incentive is a potential revenue share from the proceeds of the aftermarket trading. Some projects even give their community the hopes of being 1 of 10,000 NFT holders who may win a Lamborghini or Rolex watch. Some of these types of projects have unfortunately turned out to be what the NFT Community has termed a “Rug Pull”. A “Rug Pull” can be described as a fraudulent act of selling a collection of NFTs, and then not providing the project with the funds generated from the sale. Essentially, leaving the NFT purchasers holding onto worthless JPEG Files.
Gay Aliens Society however have already established themselves as a project that is here to stay. For starters, the project recently entered into an agreement with Altar, Inc., a leader in AR/XR to develop an Augmented Reality (“AR”) platform. This agreement will combine the technologies of both AR and Blockchain to create AR versions of each of the Gay Aliens Society NFT’s sold in the Gay Aliens Society NFT Project. The AR Gay Aliens are only accessible to the NFT owner inside of the Altar NFT wallet for IOS and Android.
The project has a strong base of celebrities who are know to own and even promote some of the Gay Aliens Society NFT projects - the brand cites names like “Brooklyn Beckham and Jason Derulo”. These particular celebrities have been commenting on and reposting videos from the Gay Aliens Society Instagram page. ”Brooklyn Beckham, also owns at least one Gay Aliens Society NFT, which he currently has listed for sale on Opensea.io. His younger brother, Cruz Beckham, is also a supporter of the Gay Aliens NFT project” Says CEO of Token Society, Scott H. Weissman. As if this celebrity interest was not telling enough, the public wallet “Diplo.eth”- which is credited online to international super star and DJ, Diplo- also showcases Gay Aliens Society NFT’s. Many other cerebrites and influencers follow and support the Gay Aliens Society NFT project as seen on their instagram page.
Not long after inking a deal with Altar, Gay Aliens Society and Altar furthered their creative endeavors by entering into an agreement with Archstone Entertainment, a Hollywood, California based TV and Movie production and distribution company. The goal of this partnership is to create and distribute ‘Gay Aliens in Metaverse’ on traditional TV, Cable and Streaming networks. The TV show concept that they envision will feature a cast of Gay Aliens from the NFT in Augmented Reality.
The television series is an adult themed situation comedy. Founder of the project, Tima Marso, refers to the Gay Aliens in Metaverse TV series as “Adult Swim x Sex in the City.” There is also a plan for a version of the series that will only be viewable in the Gay Aliens Society Metaverse, which is currently in development on the Decentraland platform. Another major reason the Gay Aliens Society community feel differentiates themselves is attributed to the development of their own metaverse district on the Decentraland platform. The district is based on six parcels of land, which will be owned by the Gay Aliens Society NFT project. The estate will feature a theater, nightclub, sushi bar, art gallery, beach club and event space that are only accessible to owners of Gay Aliens Society NFTs, or any other NFTs who the project may collaborate with on a limited or ongoing basis.
How does this all benefit the NFT Holder? The Project founders say that owners of Gay Aliens Society (Gen 1) NFTs will soon be able to register their NFTs in the projects official Discord server. That could give Gay Aliens Society NFT owners a chance for their specific NFT to become a cast member on the TV show. If chosen, the owner of the NFT will be offered the opportunity to enter into a licensing agreement with Gay Aliens in Metaverse to authorize the use of their NFT within the show for a specific period of time. The amount of money paid to the NFT owner is a flat-fee based on the role and amount of scheduled appearances planned for the character throughout the entire season. The hope for any of the owners of the Gay Aliens Society NFTs is to have their avatar chosen for a starring role, which pays the NFT owner the highest licensing fees. Those NFTs that are not chosen for a recurring role will still have a chance to participate in ongoing castings for supporting roles on individual episodes. Moreover, all NFT owners can register their NFT to participate as an extra, which the project claim guarantees that all NFTs in the Gay Aliens Society NFT project have the opportunity to participate in the TV Show concept.

How does ones Gay Alien NFT become featured in the show?
Most NFT projects consist of anywhere from 1,111 NFTs to 10,000 or more. The rarity and value of the NFT’s in these projects is typically determined by the varying properties associated with the digital pictures- including color, facial features and accessories. In addition to each NFT being individually designed, randomly styled, and accessorized in order to make some of the avatars more rare than others, the Gay Aliens Society project is unique in that each NFT is also assigned a randomly generated set of zodiac signs including; Sun, Moon, Rising and Venus. These zodiac traits outweigh all of the other factors, and ultimately determine whether one's NFT fits the zodiac profile of the character in the TV show. To assist in the process of determining these rarities, the project has recruited celebrity astrologist, Sebastian Tribbie, to assist in the development of the TV show.
Although Gay Aliens in Metaverse is based on the avatars created for the Gay Aliens Society NFT Project, other successful NFT Projects such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club will also be invited to join the TV Series by directing their NFT holders to an ongoing community run casting in the Gay Aliens Society Discord server.
“By creating a TV Series based on an NFT Project, and then allowing other NFT projects to participate, we are able to unite multiple NFT Communities into one” (Scott H. Weissman -Co Founder / CEO TokenSociety.io and Executive Producer of Gay Aliens in Metaverse). Given the ideas behind the Gay Aliens community, it is clear that this NFT collection has garnered quite a bit of public interest and celebrity support. The initial 1,000 Gay Alien’s that were available in pre-sale have completely sold out following the Gay Aliens Society launch at a Halloween party with over 1,000 attendees in Wynwood, Miami. The launch was shortly followed by possibly the largest LGBTQ New Year’s Eve party in America, which boasted over 5,000 attendees, including Jake Resnicow. The Gay Aliens Society NFT has over 10,000 members on Discord eagerly awaiting the release. There are over 55,000 dedicated Gay Aliens Society followers on their Instagram page here, and over 7,600 on their Twitter page here. Needless to say, this community has a ridiculous amount of support from many big name celebrities and the NFT community, as well as a dedicated team at TokenSociety.io who all support Tima Marso’s powerful voice, and vision for the Gay Aliens Society NFT.