Flaunt Premiere | Lou Canon's "Next to You"

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The new single from singer Lou Canon, titled “Next to You,” captures an intimacy that is both physical and emotional. Her voice drifts over the stripped-back melody, showcasing the type of vulnerability that can often be hard to vocalize. As she asks her partner to “stay the night,” we reflect on what it means to need someone so close. “Next to You” is the second single off of Canon’s upcoming album “Audomatic Body,” set to be released on July 10th. The album is a collection of emotive synth-pop, pushing and pulling the listener in all the right places. Of this first track, Canon said, “‘Next to You’ is not about a one night stand. Or a fleeting relationship. It’s about the decision you make every day - day after day - to be with your partner. It’s about desire, curiosity, and exploration. And the need to uncover those delicate intricacies that words cannot often express.  The video was originally conceived before the present climate of lock-down and isolation. A call was put out to friends, family, and followers, to contribute bedroom footage. ‘Write this line somewhere on your body and film yourself.’ A lyrical video of sorts. Then the quarantine began, and we found ourselves alone. Maybe alone with a partner; maybe alone with family. Or maybe all alone. Suddenly, the need to share these intimacies took on a whole new life form. We captured those moments, just before bed, when our bodies struggle to shut down but are overcome with questions, anxiety, and longing. It’s that difficult time of day when we are most raw, most vulnerable. I can’t watch this video without a swell of emotion. I’m forever grateful for your eagerness to participate — this project is a reflection of you. Somehow through those late night phone calls, the laughter, the connection, the check-ins, the extensions, I find myself right next to you, even though we happen to be so far apart.” Check out the video below. * * * Photo Credit: Rebecca Wood