Flaunt Premiere | alexmaax "Bets Off"

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Max Hershenow gives the top-notch, airtight performance of an artist who has lived in their tried and true musical persona for decades. But Hershenow, who performs under the name [alexmaax](https://www.instagram.com/alexmaax/), is only just getting started. Hershenow meets at the intersection between Bjork and Perfume Genius for his solo debut project, which explores his career as a vocalist and embracing his insecurities. His impeccable training, both in music and dance, are apparent as his flawless technique gives him the free rein to push creative boundaries. The result — a glorious cacophony of synths and haunting vocal lullaby — certainly makes alexmaax one to watch. On “Bets Off”, a single from his forthcoming album, he said: “'Bets Off' is basically about me learning to sing, and how the process has been as much about working through the emotional baggage I’ve built up around my voice as it has been about learning to use it. It’s directed at both the homophobic bros who litter the music industry, and also at my inner demons who listened to them.  In a lot of ways, the process of writing this song (and the others I have coming!) felt like the early experiments of MS MR — curious, excited and free from the comparisons and contextualizing that have come over time. There’s an electricity to that freedom…both the song and video feel like something I’ve been subconsciously gearing up to make for years.  When it came to the video, I wanted to play with the performance of power, to insist on my femininity and weird falsetto and feature them as symbols of strength. I was drawn to the challenge of self-directing (with lots of help!) a single shot dance video – I had this masochistic urge to push myself to the very limit of what I know I’m capable of doing. And it turns out that’s where growth happens. I’m so, so proud of the result, and so grateful to the team of incredibly talented friends who helped me bring my idea to life. It’s exactly what I imagined.” Watch “Bets Off” below. * * *