Flaunt and Luminaire celebrate The Home Issue on the Occasion of Frieze Los Angeles

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Flaunt and prolific design showroom, [Luminaire](https://www.luminaire.com), partnered for a bespoke photo exhibition featuring the city's musicians, designers, architects, and movers n' shakers, to present participants' favorite "corners," however personal or abstract that may be. The partnership marked a kickoff to the beloved Frieze Art Fair, and celebrated Flaunt's Home Issue, in which an original iteration of the "favorite corners" took place.  Flaunt Editor-in-Chief, Matthew Bedard, commenced the evening with a panel including Tatiana Barhar, Clive Wilkinson, Susan Kleinberg, and Andi Elloway, the former two sharing what led to their favorite corner “submission,” and the latter two sharing their relationship to home, and how their respective practices intersect with the themes of comfort, familiarity, and being true to oneself. The evening was accompanied by a lo-fi and ambient DJ set curated by the inimitable Jonny Mons, adding to guests’ sensory intake of effervescent champagne and nibbly things. * * * Photographed by [Sean Behr](http://instagram.com/tornblackjeans).