A Look Into Felix Levine's Incredible Journey to Producing a Podcast
![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/f4b6d2ac-0174-41e0-8fab-abfcaf5eb5a7/Screen+Shot+2022-07-07+at+7.39.40+PM.png) Podcasts aren't just a means of entertainment but also a source of education. Given this, podcasts are becoming increasingly popular among people who choose to spend their free time productively rather than taking up mindless chores. Starting a podcast might seem easy on the surface; however, in reality, quite a tremendous effort goes into its conceptualization and technicalities. Felix Levine, a 22-year-old, has mastered the technique of producing an outstanding podcast right from his freshman year of college, and he now runs an inspiring podcast titled "Where's This Going." Felix Levine was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He discovered his love for podcasts during his first year of college at UC Santa Barbara. With a flair for socializing and a remarkably curious attitude, Felix began following celebrity podcasters like podcast-king Joe Rogan and Andrew Schulz. Although Rogan and Schulz have very different shows, Levine found a true admiration for the way both of those podcast moguls were able to make guests feel comfortable, entertain, and often educate as well. Coincidentally, both Schulz and Levine grew up in New York City, and both went to UC Santa Barbara. However, Levine quickly was unhappy at UCSB and decided to apply to transfer, where he would end up relocating to Boston University his second-year. During that time, Levine recounts “I was miserable there. I missed the vibrant energy of NYC, and truthfully that’s when I really started to lean into this podcast thing. I kind of stopped talking to everyone at school and instead spent countless hours after class mapping out how I could start my show.” Levine says that for months he would stay up extremely late sending out mass amounts of cold emails to potential guests, hoping that just a few would say yes. Levine is adamant about meeting his guests face-to-face. As apparent in his interviews, Levine develops a natural comfort with his guests, which in turn get them to open up, something that Felix is grateful for every time it happens. To keep the conversation organic and informative, Felix never fails to do his due diligence of thorough research about his guests. Staying true to his podcast "Where's This Going," Felix bears no conclusion in mind because he wants his discussion to flow naturally instead of appearing scripted. Felix's podcast is open-ended; he prefers a generalized niche rather than a narrowed one. He believes in inspiring stories that help people develop a positive perspective about life. He carefully selects personalities from walks of life, from sports personalities to social media influencers, rappers, NYT-bestselling authors, and even former mafia hitmen and bosses have been guests on his shows. Scaling up a podcast from scratch to a popular show as a full-time student was quite challenging for Felix. He recounts the many days of traveling after class between New York and Boston, or sometimes flying in from LA on a red-eye after a recording, only to be in class just a few hours after landing. About all the time and effort, Felix says “In retrospect, sometimes the traveling was absolutely crazy. But I loved it. One hour I was interviewing the next Mayor of NYC (Eric Adams), and the next I was driving myself back to class in Boston. Makes for great memories.” Fresh out of college, Felix is more focused on taking his podcast to the next level, bringing even more unique motivational content to his listeners.