Felix Cartal Taps Karen Harding In Romantic New Single “Only One" From Forthcoming Album

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FLAUNT \[Album Cover\] Felix Cartal - Expensive Sounds For Nice People.jpg ![FLAUNT [Album Cover] Felix Cartal - Expensive Sounds For Nice People.jpg](https://assets-global.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472d467887235ebe89ee458_FLAUNT%2B%255BAlbum%2BCover%255D%2BFelix%2BCartal%2B-%2BExpensive%2BSounds%2BFor%2BNice%2BPeople.jpeg) [Felix Cartal](https://www.instagram.com/felixcartal/?hl=en) creates nothing short of vibes, exactly why he’s on his way to becoming a household name in the dance music realm. Now, the Canadian DJ and producer returns with his newest single titled “Only One,” tapping UK vocalist Karen Harding. This new release holds fans over until the release of his forthcoming studio album, _Expensive Sounds For Nice People,_ arriving on June 25th. “Only One” comes as a result of a spontaneous recording session in Los Angeles, writing alongside Karen, Chelsea, and Nick. Felix carries two modes: one when he makes music, something with an emotional heaviness, and two when he escapes and breaks away—a response triggered directly by the summer upon us.  Speaking on the record, Karen states, “I loved this writing session. We were all on such a high, and I think it definitely came across in the song. We wanted to write a song about that overwhelming feeling of when you know someone is 'the one', we've all felt it at some point. Listen to “Only One” above and get ready for that summer romance. "Expensive Sounds For Nice People" Tracklist: 01\. The Life (feat. Fjord) 02\. Over It (feat. Veronica) 03\. Harmony 04\. Layover 05\. Mine (with Sophie Simmons) 06\. 500 Days 07\. Old Self (feat. Ofelia K) 08\. We Fall 09\. Only One (with Karen Harding) 10\. My Last Song (feat. Hanne Mjøen) 11\. Love Me (with Lights) 12\. Going Up 13\. Happy Hour (with Kiiara) 14\. Jealous 15\. Hygge 16\. Too Late (feat. Kroy)