Artist, Erica McMillan, Redefines Statement Art for NewsWorthy Homes
![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/816295cb-2d41-439e-885b-71f5767b9254/Erica+McMillan+Flaunt.jpg) Art is an ancient practice that still holds significant meaning in human existence. It possesses a substantial cultural and historical value that can't just be overlooked. It's a culture that has been passed down generations in the modern world. Art still retains the same weight of relevance to man, evident in the many art galleries spread worldwide. The art industry also receives a constant flow of unique artists who play a crucial part in safeguarding the culture for future generations. Erica McMillan is one of these unique and passionate artists making great advances in the art world. Erica's exceptional artistic talent has seen her create some amazing statement pieces. Her works have been widely received positively, including being showcased throughout the NewsWorthy Homes Network. As a sought-after contemporary artist commissioned by interior designers, celebrities, and collectors across the nation, her paintings have also made their way into estates to be front and center statement pieces. When Erica is in her concept phase, her most important question she asks herself is: "is this a statement piece?" - "will it stop someone in their tracks because it is different?" Erica specializes in high-relief work to create depth, dimension, and intrigue. She gravitates toward sculptural work on canvas for a 3-D statement effect using porcelain clay and lucite. She often uses different sheens in the same monochromatic metallic palette to play with light and shadows. Her work is known for her heavy texture and her focus on lines. In October 2021, Erica made a major move, establishing CJV Fine Art Gallery in Georgia after her success with collaborating with Interior Designers from within the NewsWorthy Homes Network. Located at Parkside Commons in Greensboro near The Ritz Carlton Lake Oconee - CJV Fine Art Gallery has become the new home for Erica's art. CJV Fine Art Gallery is a special project for Erica as its establishment was set by the desire to create the unexpected. The gallery will bring together a combination of painting and sculptural work to breathe more life into each and every statement piece that Erica creates. With a beautiful traditional front and treasures awaiting inside, CJV Fine Art Gallery is already capturing interest from visitors around the country. Many are drawn in to witness the breathtakingly large collection of McMillan's work. In addition, CJV Fine Art Gallery is designed to evoke emotions and create a feeling of wonder that only great art can truly provide. "Creating is more than a passion for me—it is at the core of my soul. Whether it is developing a new methodology for one of my businesses or trying out a different technique with new paint, it is the process of creating that I live for. The ideas that keep me awake at night propel me to discover, design, produce, and invent," Erica explains.