How Former Athlete Dalton Patterson Sets the Bar High for Ex-athletes
![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/2ae7e412-8d97-4803-941f-bd61616ad59c/image8+%281%29.jpeg) Many people dream of becoming successful in their career paths to enjoy financial freedom and impact the people around them. But no matter your career path, it gets to the point that you have to retire, maybe due to age limits or other factors. In sports and athletics, there is an age limit by which you have to retire since the body can’t handle the demand of sports. Some sports retirees opt to remain in the game and become coaches, referees, and sports broadcasters, while others find new paths to pursue to make money for the rest of their years. Former Athlete Dalton Patterson is among former athletes who had to find a way to make a living after leaving the world of sports. Dalton not only made a new path for himself but also set the bar high for ex-athletes. Dalton Patterson, aka D Patt, is a former athlete. He was raised in an athletic family. His father, Dalton Simmons, is an ex-player for the Denver Broncos. Dalton excelled as an athlete and has been an athletic star since his college days. However, he chose a different path after leaving the athletic world. Today, Dalton is a self-made star in his new journey. He is a professional designer, model, and influencer, and has a flourishing clothing line. Dalton has helped many people build credit and start their own businesses. In addition, he teaches crypto and forex, is in the real estate business, and online marketing. Dalton adds that he loves to practice philanthropy by giving back to his community in New Orleans. According to Dalton, it's not too late to start a new path in life. There are many opportunities, and you only need to be aggressive and venture into the marketplace. As a former athlete, you can still build new careers and excel. Dalton shares that you can invest in the fame and notable accomplishments you gained in your respective job and use them as a ladder on your new path. Dalton is proud to achieve a plethora of success in his life, including recognition as a pro athlete in an all-American high school, being a son of an ex-player, and being the founder and owner of a business, a clothing brand dubbed Spade Blvd. However, recognition didn't come without challenges. Dalton's biggest challenge was failing to finish high school with a high enough score to allow him to play D1 football. Luckily, this became possible when he started junior college, and eventually, he established a great career. While Dalton experienced some drawbacks when he moved to Los Angeles to become an entrepreneur, he worked through it, excelled, and today is the proud owner of a distinguished clothing brand. Dalton shares that you never give up on your dreams or settle for anything less than you deserve regardless of your background or misfortunes in life. You should find your lane and develop your personality. This way, you will scale to greater heights, even higher than you had imagined. Dalton dreams of owning one of the world's leading clothing brands, becoming more involved in helping people build success/credit, and becoming a millionaire and expert forex trader.