Crooked Colours / “Love Language”

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Photo Credit: Matsu ![Photo Credit: Matsu](https://assets-global.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472cfdfd948f9c3d4a236a8_Crooked-Colours-FLAUNT-1.jpeg) Photo Credit: Matsu [Crooked Colours](https://www.instagram.com/crookedcolours/)’ latest single “Love Language” is the summer romantic ballad we’ve been waiting for all year. The three-man band hailing from the South West of Australia, came into fruition in 2013 and quickly made a name for themselves carving their own unique yet perfect blend of indie pop and electronic music.  When asked about their sound, Liam states, “That’s the one question I have no way to answer because we've been asked so many times and been told so many different answers by other people trying to describe us, but indie electronic seems to be the most encapsulating answer.  Ever since they formed, they’ve been hell bent on making Australian indie, electronic band music. Composed of Phil Slabber, Leon Debaughn and Liam Merrett-Park, all of whom love music down to the core, Crooked Colours has already amassed over 100 million world streams thanks to standout singles “[Flow](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YwRb6-aSrU),” “[Just Breathe](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRj2Ytz4EMs),” “[I’ll Be There](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_tNVpWsKII),” and “[Never Dance Alone (Feat. Ladyhawke)](http://../AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/Content.Outlook/NMIKL0GG/v).” The group will go on to tour the globe, shutting down stages in places they’d never imagine. Now they return to unleash a cinematic visual for their new single titled “Love Language, here to cure souls in the summertime. Sadly, they can’t tour the record on their previously scheduled tour which included Coachella and opening for Rufus Du Sol. Flaunt caught up with Liam of the trio via Zoom, who was located in his hometown of Perth, Australia. Read below as we discuss their journey in to music, how they met, the impact of “Love Language,” hobbies, tour life, and more! **Being from Perth, Australia, what was the household like growing up?**  It was good. It was hot, it was isolated. The most isolated city in the world, you're on your own. It allowed us to grow into who we were without any outside \[factors\]. We’re allowed to grow freely by ourself.  **When did music come into play?**  For myself, my dad was a music teacher. He always let me pursue anything I wanted to do with music. My family was very lovely about that. Leon’s mom was actually a piano teacher, so he had a very similar upbringing as me. Phil got into singer songwriter, guitar, folk stuff, played around Perth in the small club scene doing little Sunday sessions for people. We all started liking electronic music. Through friends of friends of friends, we all met each other (at DJ sets or what not) and formed Crooked Colours. **Congrats on the release of “Love Language,” major label debut how you feeling?**  Honestly, it’s fantastic. First time working with a major label and everything’s on time, you’ve got things happening way ahead of schedule. People on your back about things and they get things moving. It’s honestly been a dream to work with Atlantic/APG, it’s been wonderful. The release has been great. We didn't really know what to expect during this COVID time, but it seems to surpass all our expectations. People are really enjoying it.  **What’s the feeling you want fans to get from this record?**  For “Love Language” in particular, we’re trying to spread a bit of positivity, understanding a bitter connection in this uncertain time. We want it to be a positive vibe for sure.  **Who’s idea was it to have the underwater scene in the visual?**  That was our director Matsu, he was fantastic. He brought that to the table, we said “yeah that’s incredible.” It looks so nice as well. When we got that, we collectively thought “this is a cool feel clip.”  **Phil, Leon, & Liam, wHat do you each add to the group?** Well, it's all very different. My main one is, I bring some vibes. Leon brings structure. I don't wanna get Phil wrong. \[laughs\] Phil brings great creativity.  **What do you guys like to do for fun?** We like to be outdoors, we like to play sports. Catch up with friends, listen to music obviously but that's a bit cliche. We like to hang out. We’re a bunch of hangout dudes, always bumming around everywhere doing everything. **You were slated to tour Coachella & open for Rufus Du Sol, how bummed are you that you can’t perform right now?** It’s horrible! \[laughs\] We were with Rufus Du Sol at the time of COVID, around in the States. We’d done a show in New Orleans on a Tuesday. On the Wednesday, it was “get the F out!” Which was devastating, we had to wrap. We had more shows to do with them, then with Louis The Child as well. At the end of the year, do Coachella. It’s been devastating, but it's been nice to have a step back and breathe. Have a second to think. It's also gone a bit longer than we thought. We want to be back on the road, that aspect is definitely hard.  **Any new hobbies or interests picked up during quarantine?**  Yeah at the start, definitely did. They’ve weaned off now. \[laughs\] I fall into that bored aspect of quarantine now.  **3 things you need in the studio?**  Good pair of monitors, good chair, and a nice couch. You’re going to spend a lot of time in there.  **What were you guys doing before the music?** Leon was a carpenter, we call them a Chippy in Australia. Phil and I were both at uni. I was studying geology, Phil was studying graphic design. Phil was bouncing around, doing a few things. We all got to a point where the band was getting a bit serious. Can't keep up doing these other side gigs so we all had to quit them all and pursue the band solely.  **What can we expect next?** We got singles in the works, and an album that we’ve written. We don't know when, but hopefully will be out shortly.