Christian Carbone / Staying Cool for the End of Summer
![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1599007947403-JB1500D1XTX7G0OANEHA/christin+carbone+flaunt+magazine.jpeg) With September almost upon us, and the world finally beginning to reopen after nearly six months of quarantine, people are revisiting the feasibility of their cancelled summer plans to see if they can squeeze a few weeks of summer out of 2020 after all. Whether you are jetting off for a long-overdue escape to the beach, or simply heading down the street for a long-awaited meal in an actual restaurant, we are here to help inspire you to find that perfect balance of style and comfort. Because when you finally make your debut into the world, you don’t want to stick out for overdoing it, as much as you don’t want to stick out for looking like you have been cooped up in an apartment for months and are starved for social interaction—which you probably are. We’ve brought in American businessman Christian Carbone to act as a style consultant for this moment in time. Carbone, who normally splits his time between three home cities—New York, Tokyo, and London—is one fashionable guy. He has been profiled in numerous publications for his taste for luxury, his business pursuits, and his globe-trotting lifestyle, which has amassed him over 20K Instagram followers. Currently in his fifth month holed up on a tropical island, where he continues to conduct business internationally, Carbone has mastered the art of versatility and staying comfortable while looking good, from the beach to the Zoom call. Read the interview to learn more. What is the number one most important thing to you when deciding what to wear? That is quite the question! I would say being in shape. If you are in shape, you can literally wear anything, and it will look good on you. You were a national caliber swimmer at Harvard, so this is probably easy for you. How can the average person get in shape? It’s all about the consistency. Carve out some time every day, I would say at least 45 minutes, but I personally do an hour and a half, and spend half of the time doing cardio like running or swimming, and the other half doing high intensity core exercises like sit-ups and pushups. Do that every day for a couple weeks and you will look great. The key is just never stop doing it. Also, it’s summer, so why not do it outside and get a nice tan in the process. Words of wisdom. I know you like to swim every day, are you always ready to jump in the pool? I actually kind of am. I love wearing bathing suits as shorts during the summer. They are lightweight, super comfortable, and extremely versatile, because, you know, I just can’t restrain myself when I see a pool [laughs]. I think Vilebrequin and Hermès make great swimsuits, and I have a bunch. I like the solids and also the patterns, but nothing too crazy. Super easy to throw a t-shirt or a polo on top if the occasion requires. In your eyes, what is the perfect shirt? For me, the shirt game is all about the material and the fit. I like a tailored look, so not too snug but definitely not oversized. For the t-shirts, I like minimal soft cotton options. Preferably light colors because they reflect the tropical sun—perfect for lounging or meetings. I also have some linen and terry-cloth polos that I love, in all sorts of colors. What kind of shoes do you typically go for?
I love sneakers when I’m out and about. I’m usually rocking Yeezy, I think they are super comfortable and versatile. If the occasion is more formal, I will go for some slippers. Bottega Veneta and Belgian Shoes are probably my two favorites, and you can even wear them with a suit if you need to. Espadrilles are another summer essential that I always have in my wardrobe, Brunello Cuccinelli has the best ones I have seen this year. Last but not least, when I’m lounging at home I’m usually wearing hotel slippers or flip flops. I can tell from your Instagram that you are a collector of sunglasses. What are some of your favorites this summer? Well, to be honest, I haven’t bought any since March, right before quarantine started. Which is probably good for me, as I have far too many [laughs]. I think Berluti and Louis Vuitton have some great frames this year. Tom Ford as well. And how about your watch?
I think the Patek Phillipe Aquanaut is the perfect summer watch, with the tropical rubber bracelet. It is fundamentally a very stylish piece, and it doesn’t stick out too much. A great watch that watch collectors can appreciate without drawing too much attention. What was the best cologne this summer?
This summer, I have been alternating between Louis Vuitton Au Hasard, Hermes Rocabar, and Bond Number 9 Chez Bond. How about your ride?
As I am on a tropical island, I don’t have many options. I have been driving a Range Rover, I think it’s a great car, super versatile but also elegant and powerful. Elegant and powerful, well there you have it. Thank you very much Christian and best of luck in returning to the world at large. To see more of Christian’s style or to follow his global adventures, find him on Instagram @christianjcarbone.