Chris Korda / Flaunt Premiere / "Apologize To The Future"
![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1603900889425-4SSEQ7631H8FPBTLJQI9/FLAUNT_Chris-Korda_Nina-Raasch_LR_sRGB_WEB_03.jpg) Chris Korda turned heads with her confrontational new LP, Apologize To The Future, which offered an unrelenting and bleak look at humanity’s impact on the planet, written about by Flaunt contributing editor John-Paul Pryor in current print edition, The Chaos and Calm Issue. The eponymous track from the record pulls no punches, and implores us to take responsibility for the generally shit state we are leaving the planet in, presumably for our kids to clean up. Korda teamed up with recent Balenciaga collaborator, Will Benedict, to direct the video for “Apologize To The Future”. The LA-born and Paris based visual artist places Korda in a sea of detritus, her hypnotic voice intones from a flow of trash, imploring us to face the reality of today’s crises. Korda said of the video, “‘Apologize to the Future’ explores the major themes of the 21st century: overpopulation, climate change, economic inequality, intergenerational injustice, antinatalism, and mass extinction. Our descendants will surely blame us, and our militant selfishness, for their hellish fate amid the rubble of a wrecked planet. They’re “up shit creek” and we owe them an apology.” Watch and take note folks! Check out Chris Korda in the Chaos and Calm issue of Flaunt Magazine here. Photographed by Nina Raasch Styled by Charlotte Gindreau Hair: Attila Kenyeres Make Up: Natalia Soboleva