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Day by day we are attempting to uplift ourselves with cooking vids, viral vids, working out viral vid (and over all not working out), and dipping into the endless sea of streaming options. Though where’s the sense of activism and connection in all this? [Chloé](https://www.chloe.com) is now innovating the conversation and introducing a highly curated _Chloé Voices._ The prime objective is to bring a series of uplifting content that interacts and is presented a full circle offering to better enrich our quarantined lives. Collectively the programming highlights a rich array of creative talents that are all certified #chloegirls. **Tuesday, 4:30 PM CET:** Join Chloe’s creative director Natacha Ramsay-Levi and French writer Pauline Klein for a live chat on “giving shape to new meanings” **Wednesday, all day:** The Chloe DIY Guide: **Langley Fox Hemingway** answers your questions about drawing. **Thursday, all day:** Chloé viewed by: an occasion to be inspired by artist **Rithika Merchant.** **Thursday, 7:00 PM CET:**Chloé Talent: **Ellie Goulding** shares an exclusive live performance and Q&A. **Friday from 6:00 PM CET:** Chloé Club: Live DJ sets from Parcels **Flora Fischbach** and **Pandora’s Jukebox.**