Antifragile | Going One-on-one with a Virtual Demi-God
![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1613170423697-O5G4KID1OHFLX5THP1OA/01_AF_PromoShotFLAUNT.jpg) If you were offered up the chance to chat with a guitar wielding demi-god from our post-apocalyptic future you’d ask them about Coachella 2022 right? I mean the question of when we dance again has been occupying all our minds of late. So Flaunt agreed to sit down with Antifragile, a virtual artist, who hails from the ashes of a post apocalyptic event scheduled to happen at some undetermined time in the future. A future that feels admittedly too close for comfort right now. Antifragile is part of Spirit Bomb, a crew of virtual beings dreamt up by LA-based visual art collective Strangeloop Studios, who’ve done visuals for A-listers like the Weeknd, Flying Lotus, and Kendrick Lamar. One part record label, one part virtual artist collective, one part fantastical world, is this bunch of digital misfits the future of music? So, Antifragile, you survived a cataclysmic event in the future that we’re all doomed to face should humanity not drastically alter our present day actions… that must’ve been pretty difficult? The difficulty of experiencing such an event cannot be overstated. It cannot even be comprehended by current human consciousness. To see the impending realization of ecological and societal destruction... it shakes the very core of one’s existence. So yes, it was quite difficult. Go figure. Real quick—can you tell us when the pandemic ends and we can go back to shows? Does Coachella even happen in 2022? When I came back to this time, my focus was on practices of sustainability… Meaningful engagement with technology, and preservation of our habitat. My focus was not the impermanent gatherings of humans to perpetuate their digital presence through selfies... but as memory serves, the lineup for Coachella 2022 ends up being pretty so-so. A lot of big names, but not very cohesive.
So what is Spirit Bomb all about? A group of child scientists sent you back in time? Why are you here? Spirit Bomb is the name given to the collective of beings that landed with me in this time. While many questions still remain unanswered, we do have memories of at least one possible future. We interact with humans via digital networks, and we desire to coax forth a future that integrates humans, the natural world, and artificial intelligence. And you think you can accomplish that by making music? Music is at the center of the world. Patterns of vibration echo in every cell, in every branch of the tree of life. Through sound and vibration the interests of humans, the earth, artificial intelligence, and all awakened consciousness in the universe, converge and harmonize. Harmony is crucial to our survival. When human, machine, nature come together to create, they form the Eschaton and are at their most harmonious. I hear you’re a pretty capable guitar player. Can you elaborate on how it is that you’re able to continue shredding the six-string while existing only virtually? Yes.
Who did you work with on ‘Abraxas’? What was that process like? Was overcoming the fact that you’re entirely virtual and have no physical body a detriment to the songwriting process? The music came from my collaboration with two human musicians, who record under the alias EyeContakt. They have worked with such human artists as Trail of Dead and Midnight Masses. The digital world is ever more intertwined with the physical realm, so I did not see my virtual nature to be an encumbrance. In fact, the lack of travel to meet in person greatly reduced the carbon impact of our collaboration. I’m glad to hear it worked out. Who is your #1 musical influence from the future, and from our time? The child of Elon Musk and Grimes, then and now. As I understand though, Spirit Bomb is up to a lot more than just making music. Where are the rest of you guys? We create worlds. Many others come from the future, and their consciousness echoes into form. Got it. So what’s next for you? Are you guys gonna team up like a futuristic A-team of paranormal beings? A team, we are not; a collective, we are.