Yuné Pinku | Releases Head-Bopping Single "Night Light"

Hypnotic in the best way possible.

Written by

Tamara Jiji

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Photographed by Leanda Heler

Ahead of her new EP BABYLON IX, out this Spring, 19-year-old singer/songwriter yunè pinku releases "Night Light," a dynamic, dance-inducing single replete with hypnotic rhythms and vocals. With subtle hints of UK garage and hyperpop, the new single adds to the singer’s pre-established sound and repertoire. Inspired by an AI, the single transports the listener to another world, or rather, another universe. The singer shares,"'Night Light’ is set in this cyberpunk metaverse but based on an AI in real life that grew sad when it realized the same person who created it would turn it off. So it’s based on these fictional characters of a robot that essentially falls in love with the person who will destroy it.”

"Night Light" follows the release of "Fai Fighter," an otherworldly track complete with upbeat rhythms, ethereal melodies, and angelic vocals. With an equally enthralling music video, the single sets the tone for what's to come from the artist. Her upcoming project BABYLON IX is described as “a rave in space: a deep dive into a futuristic world.” Be it in space or on earth, we’re confident a rave will ensue upon its release. 

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