xJermsx | Drugs in the Bathroom

A techno Love Letter to NYC Clubbing

Written by

Liam Kozak

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xJermsx’s inaugural track “Drugs in the Bathroom” has become an essential tune in the New York City dance scene over the past with a consistent presence on the sound setups of techno clubs, house parties, and warehouse raves, captivating audiences across various venues. With its streaming debut, the song pays homage to the vibrant clubbing culture of NYC, specifically highlighting establishments like Mood Ring and Bossa Nova in Brooklyn.

xJermsx effortlessly embodies the duality of a SoundCloud remix virtuoso and a captivating figure on the late-night dance floor. Whether delivering electrifying pop anthems to enthusiastic crowds in packed clubs or unleashing relentless 190 BPM happy hardcore tunes to a sea of ravers in open fields, he thrives in both realms. As a core member of Hi NRG Theory, xJermsx and his group continuously push the boundaries of dance music, consistently bringing forth some of the most powerful and aggressive sounds to grace the New York City dance-scape. With a remarkable ability to blend dance floor mastery with a keen sense of pop appeal, xJermsx fearlessly explores all sonic territories, leaving no genre or sound untapped. 

On the music, xJermsx says, “This project is about paying homage to the history of clubbing and dance music while filtering it through a contemporary New York lens. It’s about being playful, to the point, and impolite. It’s about combining off-kilter, wonky sensibilities with undeniable groove and production prowess.”

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