Woods + Dangaran | Release Debut Monograph via Rizzoli Books

Where mid-century architecture and 21st-century lifestyle intersect.

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Tamara Jiji

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When we think mid-century architecture, we think of Woods + Dangaran. Experts of their art, the two have established themselves as one of California’s finest design teams, devoted to the execution of real-estate projects that transform their tenants to a different time and place. And to further cement this aforementioned ranking, the two have released their debut monograph, published by Rizzoli Publications. The book, which was released earlier last month, examines a collection of the team’s finest, most captivating, recently-completed homes, all based in California. 

To Woods + Dangaran, building homes is much more than simply building homes. Joseph Dangaran shares, “We are privileged to work with our clients on spaces that contain some of the most intimate and private moments of their lives. Bringing home an infant, saying goodbye to a loved one, brushing your teeth, bathing your children—these are the rituals of life that our designs accommodate. These experiences have the power to shape who we are as people. These are not simply structures with walls, a floor, and a roof. We aim to design timeless structures and spaces that have an intentional permanence. We are a service-based practice, but our process is so much more than a series of transactions.”

Woods + Dangaran's debut monograph is now available wherever books are sold!

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