WILLOW | Listening to the Silence with "Alone"

The first single off the artist's forthcoming album

Written by

Bree Castillo

Photographed by

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It’s easy to feel lost when the furies of time become relentless and the lingering feeling of who we should be and who we should have been continues to reveal its pressures. But for the twenty-three-year-old artist, WILLOW, in silence is where she is finding her solace, as she goes within to explore this space of in-between with her first offering, “alone,” from her forthcoming album. 

Redirecting her energy from her precious pop punk projects Lately I Feel Everything and Coping Mechanism to a moment of breath. “alone” is a restart to the artist’s consciousness, noting that while progress isn’t linear, the rhythm to which we breath remains constant. Like a mantra or prayer, the artist sings, “Everything falls away in time.” And with this sentiment is the idea of laying it all out in the table, because if everything must end, then why not enjoy it while it lasts. What is left is the artist's lightly breathed confessional sewn along the ebbs and flows of finding yourself again.

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