Westside Boogie shares an exclusive backstage photo diary with Flaunt ahead of his headlining show at The Novo in LA

Written by

Rhiyen Sharp

Photographed by

Macy Bryant

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On the verge of his next, and largest hometown concert - tomorrow March 16th in Los Angeles, and with his newly released three track "Live at the Novo" available to stream now, Boogie has shared with Flaunt an exclusive photo diary of his POV experience at his last show in LA, on stage of the El Rey Theatre.

Born Anthony Dixson in Long Beach, California, Westside Boogie first gained recognition with his early mixtape releases, and since signing with Eminem's Shady Records in 2017, Boogie has made bigger and bigger waves in the rap scene with his distinctive flow and thought-provoking rhymes, showcasing his ability to blend personal experiences with social commentary.

Boogie is more than just another rapper, the spoken word artist is truly an exceptional talent. His fan base growing and staying fiercly loyal with each new release - in the latest, the concept album "More Black Superheros" Boogie has opened conversation about Therapy, Mental Health Struggles and Accountability in a groundbreaking way,  firmly establishing himself as one of - if not the - most interesting, dynamic and important voice breaking through in hip hop today.

Boogie is a MUST see live, and tickets are available now - until they run out - here.

Many thanks to the highly acclaimed, blue chip team working to support this rare talent, including Justice Baiden (see my 26 question rapid fire interview with the co-founder of LVRN, and fellow manager, Justice here), and PR team led by Chantz Brewer.

The homie sean, a talented artist and guitarist, popped out to support me at my LA show.
Sound check in LA. This is my time to get my mind and sound right.
Tellin the homie he needs to turn his guitar down, because it aint his show!
Sean and I rocking out. Seans guitar adds such a special element to the live performance.
For this tour we added a lighting program to the show, which elevated the whole experience
Soundcheck is our time to make sure everything is together.
Here you see my DJ Dezzie Gee in the background, my dancers Hillary and Autumn, my assistant Lena snapping a pic, and more.
My team is amazing.
Performing is my safe space.
I was shocked seeing my name and face tatted on my fans bodies.
This person had me sign his arm to get it tatted later on.
Chilling backstage right before going on. This is when you'll find me meditating, stretching, dancing and hyping myself up.

Im really a model. Its crazy a lotta people dont know that .
My brother, friend, and DJ of 10+ years, Dezzie Gee (@dezziegee)
He's a huge part of my success on stage and an amazing friend/artist/entertainer.
This was a custom one of one piece made by Senay Alkebulan of West Oakland (@madowfutur.) The pieces heavily incorporate the values and mantras of the Black Panther Party.

My beautiful dancers, Hillary and Autumn who pulled up to LA and Chicago to make those shows extra special. They turnt the show up 100%
One of the most beautiful things about performing live is being able to connect with my fans on the realest level.
Seeing their faces , feeling their energy, and really understanding how much they connect with my music makes all my work worth it.

Seeing me live is a whole experience, if you know you know. I leave everything on that stage.
It's been 3 years since I've dropped an album and went on a headlining tour.
Even though the time it took was necessary to the process,
it feels amazing to be back outside sharing and performing music.
The dancers added such an excitement to the show. They brought up the energy and production value in a huge way.

I was able to bring out my brother, wallie the sensei (@walliethesensei) , who's from the same neighborhood as me.
It was special being able to have him perform in our city, Im proud of what we both overcame to get to this point and excited to see what his promising career has in store.
The energy in the room was electric this night. Im still processing this night and still trying to find the words to explain the feeling.
From performing in front of 5 people to selling out a historic venue in my hometown. I am truly humbled and grateful.
We have a tradition at the end of every show this tour where I take a photo with the crowd. This is one of my favorite ones.
Westside Forever

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