Victoria Beckham | The Introduction of Her Fragrances

An aroma of memory

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Cassey Ayala

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In collaboration with perfumer Jèrȏme Épinette, Victoria Beckham welcomes her genderless, polished fragrances inspired by the junctures of her life. Every aroma encapsulates her exclusive reminiscence of prominent time, places, and experiences, while reflecting them in our distinct and personal memories. 

Her introductory launch encompasses Portofino ‘97, Suite 302, and San Ysidro Drive

Portofino ‘97 captures the exhilaration of new romances and secret escapes, ensuring to reawaken flourishing passion through its memories, exuding an ecstatic hit of Calabrian bergamot and black pepper infused with incense and amber. The reminiscent aroma leaves patchouli and vetiver lingering on the skin of a lover. 

Suite 302 exhibits a captivating rendezvous alongside whirlwinds of adventure as it traces the charm and romance of Victoria and David Beckham’s anniversary trips to Paris. Its scent involves a medley of black cherry and red peppercorn, with plush velvets steeped with papyrus, black leather, and masculine tobacco leaf. 

San Ysidro Drive is infused with atmospheres of new emergences, reflecting Beckham’s arrival to Los Angeles and the establishment of her legacy on the Pacific Coast. The scents embody the rediscovery of her own independence, visions, and identity through an intense rush of passion fruit and pink peony. San Ysidro Drive stimulates ocean air infused with rich rose absolute, saffron flower and agarwood. 

“It has always been a dream of mine to create fragrance, this is my scent autobiography,” Beckham expresses. 

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